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Which is the Best African Country for wild safari?

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Which is the Best African Country for wild safari?

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12. Posted by Littlewolf (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

The advice from the Australian Govt website is that Tanzania is safer then Kenya.

I am also planning a trip to Africa in June but have only 3 weeks (with 3 friends). Does anyone suggest that is enough time to do Tanzania and Malawi? Would that be more varied option then Tanzania and Kenya?

Also, we wanted to fly into Tanzania, travel down to Malawi then stoppover in Cape Town (mainly for airjaws) enroute home to Oz.


13. Posted by Otmitt79 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

It is true Tanzania has alot to offer in terms of wild therefore doing Tanzania and Kenya will be ideal as opposed to Malawi because you will unwind with two/three days at the coastal strip of Zanzibar or Mombasa along the Indian ocean front.i can advice you on a few selected companies to help compare quotes and itineraries.

3 weeks is adequate fro the tour.

All the best in your trip planning.

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