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Iceland car rental: want to share?

Travel Forums Travel Companions Iceland car rental: want to share?

1. Posted by FredVL (Budding Member, 2 posts) 4 Feb '13 04:32

Dear all,

Me and my GF are planning a 3-week trip in Iceland in July 2013. We would like to explore its capital for a couple of days, but also take about 10 days/2 weeks to travel inland.

As everyone knows, car rental is very expensive there! Especially if you want a 4x4 to travel the F-roads. So, any of you guys that want to travel together? I believe, if we are 4 in total, that would bring down the costs quite well.

Share your thoughts and let it be known if you are interested in ridesharing.

Best regards,


2. Posted by FredVL (Budding Member, 2 posts) 10 Feb '13 13:05
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3. Posted by paulvincent (Inactive, 10 posts) 10 Feb '13 21:18

Hey Fred
We would be traveling Iceland end of July. If you would like to go with us then. it would be ok with us and on doing some research I have come across this -snip-

[ Edit: Sorry, this was spam - this user has signed up before promoting car rental companies. I'm afraid the offer is not real. ]

4. Posted by sophiewilson (Inactive, 8 posts) 27 Dec '13 04:04

sorry Dear I want privacy.
Then only I can enjoy my trip.
If you are not able to afford then please don't go.
Privacy give more enjoyment and more fun,
Did you get it.