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Moving to England!!!

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11. Posted by bex76 (Moderator, 3600 posts) 8 Feb '13 10:34

In city centre Manchester you'd be looking at around £650 per month for a one bedroom place but in the suburbs it's generally cheaper. A 1 bedroom could be anything from £400 to £550 depending on which area you're in. Let me know if you do decide on Manchester as I can advise you on some nice areas and which ones to avoid!

Have a look at Rightmove for apartments - it's the main property website here for renting as well as buying.

12. Posted by Naki (Budding Member, 9 posts) 9 Feb '13 07:52

Ok thanks soooo much... I will definitely let you know if I decide for Manchester :)

13. Posted by Naki (Budding Member, 9 posts) 7 Mar '13 05:20

Hello again :),

So, I have decided lol... I have chosen Manchester I have reserved my plane ticket for May 22nd where I will arrive at London stay there for about 2 days and try to head on to Manchester. Can anyone please help me on what’s the best way to travel to Manchester from London with all my luggage’s and also what should be the first steps in settling down, neighborhoods for flats that are safe and not so expensive, works etc... Thanks in advance!!!

14. Posted by bex76 (Moderator, 3600 posts) 11 Mar '13 04:24

Hi Naki

The quickest way to get from London to Manchester is by train (see Virgin Trains. ) but this isn't normally the cheapest way. Megabus and National Express offer cheap bus tickets and the journey takes around 5 hours. If you decide on the train the cheapest tickets tend to be available around 2 months in advance so I'd recommend booking soon.

I will send you a personal message regarding some of the other stuff you mentioned.

15. Posted by Naki (Budding Member, 9 posts) 11 Mar '13 05:15

Perfect, I will look into that. Thanks for your response and I will look forward to your message it will help me a lot. :)

16. Posted by RUNNER4LIFE (Inactive, 7 posts) 11 Mar '13 07:53

From what I have read, the economy is worse than here (the U.S.A). No jobs, and inflation is starting to take off.

17. Posted by Moyesy (Budding Member, 28 posts) 12 Mar '13 02:41


From what I have read, the economy is worse than here (the U.S.A). No jobs, and inflation is starting to take off.

Im not sure on how stable the current US economy is, so i cant compare.

There are jobs here though, wont have any trouble finding work.

18. Posted by Naki (Budding Member, 9 posts) 12 Mar '13 06:30

Thanks Moyesy,
I really hope I find something, are you from Manchester?

19. Posted by DanielMcmeeking (Budding Member, 7 posts) 12 Mar '13 12:38

You should move to Edinburgh, Scotland. That is where i live and its amazing. City life here is great. We have one of the best bus services in Britain, bars, restaurants and loads of jobs available. Great city but very busy with tourists :)

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