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1. Posted by ppihlaja (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y

Why does the map, when opened, in some times show all travel routes (i.e. lines) and sometimes only the spots of visited places?

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 4y

Eh, it should always show all lines. When you say it "only shows the spots of visited places" do you mean it doesn't show the lines? Or it doesn't show the stops that are mapped in the future?

3. Posted by Packbacker26 (Budding Member 49 posts) 4y

The site is considering the idea that you can teleport, possibly?

4. Posted by ppihlaja (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y

Well, in my case it does not always show the lines, just dots.

5. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 4y

@ Packbacker

ppihlaja, I think this is currently an issue with maps with lots of trips. Something times out and the lines don't complete the drawing. We're aware of another way to create the lines on the maps which hopefully handles this better, but this requires a bit of reworking of the code to get up and running. There is a fairly major update to the mapping code coming through shortly as well, which should make things more efficient. But I'm not sure that it will do much for this specific issue.

Note, there's no bug with missing spots that I'm aware of - just the way you said it sounded like that might be an issue for you. Glad it's not!!