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Calling all Backpackers!! Please can you help me!

Travel Forums General Talk Calling all Backpackers!! Please can you help me!

1. Posted by JAO1989522 (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hello and thank you for sparing time to read this!

My name is James, I am a student in Liverpool in the process of writing my dissertation. My dissertation is exploring the notion of backpacking as a way of changing peoples worldview. This includes the way people view the world and their home communities right the way through to social practices etc (its a massive topic!)

It is proving to be an extremely interesting and challenging research project and from my search into previous academic exploration of the topic - something that has not been done before!

As such I am looking to gain insight from people that have participated in the backpacking phenomenon in the past for any duration and to any destination. This is why I have posted this thread on this page! I am looking for people over the age of 18 that are willing to participate in the research. Even if you are just curious then please get in touch!

There is no need to move from your computer!

Please give an account of your backpacking experiences including any adventurous activities you took part in. Within this part of your account please pay attention to the following 4 questions:
• The places you went?
• Why you chose to go there?
• How you travelled when you got there?
• What were your motivations to go on this trip?

Following this it would be really helpful if you could tell me about your experiences once you had returned home. Particular attention to the following 8 questions would be appreciated:
• How did your home town seem different to before you left?
• How did your home town seem the same as before you left?
• Did you views or opinions of anything change?
• Did you find yourself more or less concerned with anything?
• Were there any significant changes in your behaviours or attitudes that you recognised?
• Were there any significant changes in your behaviours or attitudes that others recognised?
• Have you done anything new since you returned from your trip that you wouldn’t have considered doing before you went away?
• Have you stopped doing anything since you returned from your trip that you would have normally done before you went away?

To finish off I would be very grateful if you could tell me what power you believe backpacking has to change views and opinions, not necessarily just on a worldwide or large scale, but within a backpackers home or native community.

My study is completely confidential and you would not be identified in any way in any research.

I hope I do not offend anyone or break any rules by posting this!

Many thanks for your time and consideration!

James Owens

2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 3y

As Moderator, I will leave this thread as you asked all your questions and did not post a link to an off-site survey page. I understand stating you'll keep the replies confidential though, anyone who does choose to answer will (most likely) want recognition for their input - especially if your dissertation uses direct quotes from answers received. If a responder asks to remain anonymous, that's fine. But, realize your dissertation is also riding on the backs of those whom have chosen to help you. Recognition is key - otherwise you are claiming other's input as your own.

3. Posted by JAO1989522 (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Thanks Isadora,

Anyone that would like recognition is more than welcome to it and merely needs to say so within their account.

Due to the nature of the research and the ethical approval that I have sought then all accounts WILL automatically be kept anonymous unless there is an explicit request from the individual that they are identified within the research.

I hope this keeps everything transparent for all interested!