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Any Advice? Traveling to Puerto Rico and Vieques in April

Travel Forums North America Any Advice? Traveling to Puerto Rico and Vieques in April

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Any advice on how to make this trip more affordable/luxurious (we like it to look fancy and be quality but at a more reasonable price) at the same time or suggestions about the plan of the trip (or just general advice) I would greatly appreciate! Hoping to do the trip for 6 for under $6000 (plus some money for activities and eating).

We arrive on April 17th and will either leave on April 24th or 25th.

We are a group made of of 3 couples (two parents and four 25-35 year olds).

Some other notes...we kinda like small towns better than big cities but we would like to walk around San Juan at least a little (or is it better to just drive around some). We are foodies but probably would be uncomfy spending more than 20-25 on a REALLY good meal per person. My dad LOVES cheap food...but not fast food...he likes to always find the most authentic places when possible. There are people in the group that will go stir crazy and some people in the group that prefer just lounging on a vacation. We will most likely eat/make breakfast and lunch where we stay and go out for dinner (even eating dinner at the vacation rental a few nights most likely).

We are looking at flying into San Juan on April 17th around 1pm and then taking a taxi (most likely gonna call Henry) from the airport to Fajardo. We are then hoping to get onto a ferry from Fajardo-Vieques.

We are then hoping to stay in one of the Bravos Broz vacation rentals (in isabella). (Any issues or rave reviews about working with the bravos Broz?)

We won't be renting a car until April 18 (Do you think it will be fairly easy to hire a taxi to pick us up to take us to the car rental place? Suggestion for the best car rental place in Vieques? I heard you need to make reservations really early is this true...I would plan on doing it once we book our flight?)

We are planning on doing a combo of eating out in Vieques and cooking at the rental house. (Any suggestions?)

April 18th is the last night of the time we are there that it looks like the biobay would work due to a full moon or something. (Any suggestions about different tours?

My mom is really into kayaking but I think the rest of us might be just as happy to swim in the luminescent water). My mom is really into snorkeling so we plan to hit up some beaches for that. (Any activities that you think we MUST do while on the island? I am very obsessed with exotic and fresh fruit...any places I must go other than the fruit truck guys? We have 3 people in the group that can't sit still long so it would be great to have some suggestions of what to do other than just beach up my sleeve...any zip lines or spearfishing rental? How much is it to rent/buy snorkeling equipment on the island?)

On Monday the 22nd we plan to take the ferry back to Fajardo and then rent a car (any suggestions I think we are thinking enterprise at this time).

This is where the bigger questions come into play.

We want to see the island but not spend all of it traveling. Is it better to base camp (but a really nice place that we could just hang out and enjoy as well) in the El Yunque (.any suggestions...rental homes or resorts but 300 total per night for 3 bedrooms)

or Ricon (thumbs up or thumbs down on any of these places? any other suggestions again less than 300 per night for 3 rooms in a vacation rental or resort)

or some of these more random places (Thumbs up or thumbs down?)

We would like to fit in seeing San Juan a little...any way you see in this trip that we could fit it in? Most of the vacation rentals in San Juan that I found were not a good fit for us otherwise I might have considered staying there at the last leg of the trip.

We are also trying to decide if we should leave on April 24 Wed (at around noon) or stay till April us a little more time on the main island.

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