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Cheapest flights into Munich from Rome

Travel Forums Europe Cheapest flights into Munich from Rome

1. Posted by AussieTigers (Budding Member, 11 posts) 17 Feb '13 00:40

Hi there,

My partner and I will be travelling to Europe in late August/September...We want to get to Oktoberfest but are limited with time so have decided to do Northern Germany first then to Czech, Switzerland and Italy and catch a internal flight to Munich from Rome, then fly from Munich home....
I have attached our itinerary, it is a bit flexible and we are open to suggestions... we will be travelling by train throughout except for the flight to munich.
Cheap flights/airlines in Europe? Luggage weight limits for internal European flights? We are taking 90Ltr backpacks....Too big?? our first time so we have no clue lol.
Also would 2 nights in Munich be enough to soak up the Oktoberfest atmosphere?

:) Cheers for your help....

Sydney to London (3 nights)

London to Paris (3 nights)

Bruges – Belgium (2 nights)

Amsterdam (2 nights)

Kellenhusen (2 nights, Johanna) Berlin (2 nights)
Dresden (2 nights) - Germany

Prague (2 nights) Cesky Krumlov (2 nights) - Czech Republic

Bern (2 nights) Geneva (Day trip) Lucerne (Day trip) - Switzerland

Venice (2 nights) Florence (4 nights) Pisa (Day trip) Tuscany (Day trip) Rome (2 nights) Sorrento (2 nights) Capri (Day trip) – Italy

Rome to Munich (FLIGHT) (2 nights)

Munich to Dubai (2 nights)

Dubai to HOME 

2. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator, 1876 posts) 17 Feb '13 22:13

Book now on Ryanair and you can get tickets from the Ciampino Airport (just southeast of Rome) to Memmingen airport (1 1/2 hour west of Munich--but with an easy connection to Munich via train).

Be aware, however, that Ryanair has super strict rules about checking in--like being there a minimum of 90 minutes early or losing the right to check in at all--so don't be late. Also, they offer almost nothing on the plane--still the flight is cheap if you book now (50 euros per person as of today--and travel on August 28th). Also, they only travel every other day--so you'll have to see if the available days work for you.