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Hey Guys

Ive made my travelling plans and there exactly what i wanted and after starting in london ill branch out to most of the major cities but will ultimately conclude with me back in London by doing one of the premade commercial tours. Im not really to keen on flying back to New Zealand which is where my parents are, but fortunately I lived in england till the age of 15 so i have a full english citizens passport and some family to stay with for a few days (At most). However, When my travels conclude not only will i be without much money but also without a backup. It sounds concerning but Im not making a topic to whine about it.

I was wondering how i might go about getting a job straight off the bat in the UK so i might survive. The tour company offers a "working holiday" option where they claim to have work already prepared for you for when you arrive though im skeptical. Id probably be based in Manchester where my brother lives which im hoping makes getting a job easier although i have another brother who lives in the west end, London. All i need is a means to survive, any job, any accommodation. Ive worked only in retail outlets previous (The Warehouse- A general appliances outlet like Woolworths used to be, and New World- A high end national supermarket as checkout operator) but bar work, retail, manual labour, I do not mind i just need something to get on my feet.

If i cant get this worked out my travel plans are ruined and I cant allow that to happen. Ill be entering the country with £500 at best, so a little planning im hoping will help me out when i get there in july.

Any survival tips, any advice, any help is welcome. I was born and bred in england but ive never experienced it as an adult (If you can call 19 an adult) and this feels very much like the sink or swim moment.

Thanks guys

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