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11. Posted by GaryMLeader (Budding Member 11 posts) 3y

Okay so we think we have sorted a rough plan for the first 60 days of our trip.

Arrive NYC 13th April, spend a couple of days there (anyone potentially interested in showing us the sights please get in touch) before Greyhounding down to Bristol, TN for our mates bachelor party and wedding. We will probably spend until 27th April in Tennessee - can anybody recommend some sights to see around TN? After this we will Greyhound down to New Orleans, spend some time there before ultimately heading west through Texas, Arizona, Nevada and into California...

Can people please recommend some of the more obscure 'must see' attractions for this route that we could incorporate into our travel plans?



12. Posted by GaryMLeader (Budding Member 11 posts) 3y

Hi Guys,

So can anyone suggest the best way of carrying funds out there? I do have an american bank account but am struggling to obtain access atm. I'm thinking to use an american bank account that I have in my name (although cant remember which bank - think BoA - but I have lost all the details and its a historic account - inactive for 4 years) but I want to avoid the charges levied against me for sending an international payment not to mention the exchange rate is not very competitive. So the alternatives would be...

Continue using UK account (High charges etc...)
Travellers Cheques
Recover BoA Account (already sent email to do this)
Cash (Try cash it in my account when I arrive...risky as I arrive on a Saturday evening so Im asuming no access to account until Monday not to mention arriving at customs with $1000's in cash...)
Travelex Cash Passport

So those are my options...what would you guys advise to be my best option?

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