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1. Posted by GavThomas (Budding Member, 64 posts) 26 Feb '13 14:42

Hello all!

Im heading out to Oz at the beginning of December, with plans to go all over. Just seeing if any other Backpackers are keen on watching some of the Ashes whilst in Oz? It'd be great to get a group of us together to give the Barmy Army a run for their money in the booze and rowdiness stakes!

2. Posted by ElliotGardner89 (Budding Member, 9 posts) 27 Feb '13 04:24

Hello Mate,

I fly out with a mate a week tomorrow, Cannot wait. We are on about doing at least 2 of the Ashes test and joining the barmy army. Were both from Newcastle and going out there on a 1 way ticket so will be out there for when you arrive.

Unsure of what tests but we are planning on doing them and going mental.

3. Posted by GavThomas (Budding Member, 64 posts) 27 Feb '13 05:03

Ah you lucky git! I've got a little while to wait yet! We'll have to keep in touch fella, I'll have to join you fella.... Its gonna be a good crack!

4. Posted by JamesC51 (Budding Member, 52 posts) 27 Feb '13 09:15

You know I'm up for this Gav , I want to go to the Australian Open In Jan as well so I should be around Melbourne In December! How early do you think you would have to buy tickets? James

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