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Bangkok 4 weeks today

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1. Posted by katie84 (Budding Member 66 posts) 3y

Hi guys,
Ive written several threads and not alot of replies. Not sure why :-( but ill be in Bangkok 4 weeks today. Anyone else around at that time? Im going solo and just looking for some friendly faces.

Soon to given up on hear as noone seems to reply

2. Posted by Siany25 (Budding Member 22 posts) 3y

Hi Katie, sorry you haven't had any luck with replies! How long are you in Thailand for? Are you just staying in Bangkok or travelling around? :-)

3. Posted by katie84 (Budding Member 66 posts) 3y

Hiya, thanks for the reply. Yay! also apologies as I just realised my last sentance was really badly written! haha I had my wisdom tooth out yesterday so I blame the anesthetic! haha.
I am in Bangkok for just under a week and then I head to Ayutthaya until september as Ill be working there. After that I am travelling around with no set plan or time scale, although I would like to visit vietnam. So just looking to meet people and experiance many things.
What about you? are you travelling?

4. Posted by Siany25 (Budding Member 22 posts) 3y

Haha no problem, defo the anaesthetic :-) Oh wow that sounds great. What kind of work will you be doing there? Im travelling to cambodia, thailand and bali, have no set plans other than my flights so just going to go with the flow. I'll be home by September though unfortunately!

5. Posted by KarinElise (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y

Hi Katie!

So you are leaving Bangkok at the beginning of September? Does that mean that you are there now? I´m also traveling alone and I´m currently in Bangkok :)

6. Posted by Gibbs79 (Budding Member 25 posts) 3y

Hi guys I'm Danny , I'm also a lone traveller currently on ko phangan got here yesterday traveling Thailand Cambodia Laos maybe Vietnam , but just blogged myself an amazing room right on the beach so booked it up for the month works out 200bht a night got myself a cool box and kettle today so I'm all set up haha but yes probably heading off somewhere around September time but in no rush as I'm actually traveling for a year having first 4 months over here , so never no could bump into each other on the way somewhere , anyway hope I haven't bored you and hope your wisdom tooth is ok I know they can be a right bitch lol , take care and give me a ding .

7. Posted by klelia (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

Hey Danny! i'm in Thailand too, but living here since may! I envy you sooo much, as i was in Koh pagnan as soon as i arrived in asia and i loved the place. Now i'm closer to Koh Tao, and if you haven't been there yet, please please GO! It's fantastic, and i prefer koh tao to koh pagnan! I've been there in total 1 month back and forth and i'd go back today if i could!
Let me know if you need any advice on where to stay etc. Not sure i'll be around, as i'm working in a remote village close to chumphon ...missing the sea so much!

8. Posted by katie84 (Budding Member 66 posts) 3y

Hey all, sorry just seen I had some replies. I will be back in BKK on Thursday if anyones around.

9. Posted by sameep (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

i am planning for a trip to thailand but just could'nt finalise as travelling alone for the first time . if anyone looking for a meetup or travelling togeather ...surely msg !!!

10. Posted by KarinElise (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y

Hi Katie! I'm in Bangkok now and will be here for another 2 weeks. Let me know if you would like to meet up :)