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Harvest trail info/suggestions/joining mates for May2013?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Harvest trail info/suggestions/joining mates for May2013?

1. Posted by wild_eagle797 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 1 Mar '13 21:05

Hello everybody!

I just subscribed and was scanning the forum page which is of course loaded with threads, so here I am, trying to save time and spare some physiological energies by first of all posting one:

I am thinking of going to Australia in two months, probably but not decided yet, and I was scanning the web for job opportunities which would allow me mobility - and ->tadàn! I found files about the harvest trail and related guide and such
Sounds appealing, though I will probably be dead before the end of it but I will be in my 20s just for a little longer (27 now), so it's kind of now or never, right?^_^ Anyway, it is something I could start from, because I believe I need a break from town lifestyle

Thing is, is it a good idea? Is it a good idea to be armed with a tent?
As I will be alone, is Australia a country where to watch out for weirdos or gross farmer? Is it REALLY SUPER exhausting? I cannot ask anyone "will I make it" cause that's on me =D but you know, just testing the waters!;)

I will sincerely appreciate any possible hint sugestion comment!!!!

Also, if anyone feels like "hey, I was exactly thinking the same!" please, do get in touch ^_^

!thanks you!

2. Posted by rich1_2_3 (Budding Member, 32 posts) 2 Mar '13 02:49

i land in perth may 3rd an wanna do exactly the same tbh!

3. Posted by Antsf88 (Budding Member, 15 posts) 4 Mar '13 04:41

i'm in exactly the same boat!
25 and feel like i need to do it now or never.
i really wanted to do it with some mates but they all pulled out and tbh i think that i should maybe give up on it as well, but i cant get the idea out my head!
also due to the fact that my plans have been changing a lot i dont have any money saved yet so i would pretty much only have a week or so to find work, which is a bit daunting as i keep hearing things about people saying it took them a month to find work and i might be skint by

had u thot about what part of oz you are going to start in?


4. Posted by wild_eagle797 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 8 Mar '13 18:52

well, I was checking on the season thing and as for the savings, well, I think I know what you mean and being told more than once australia is a pretty expensive country (nice only if you do actually earn australian dollars) AND i am so worried but cannot miss this, i think.

So, it actually looks like the summer season is the slowest, of course, so it is possible to be stuck for some the way the [may on~] side appears to be the brisbane area, northish east, but on some documents i read also about the west area, also northish (winter, after all).....

5. Posted by Dtinney (Budding Member, 11 posts) 16 Mar '13 04:52

Im landing in Sydney from the UK on 27th May..

My plan was to work in Sydney for 6 weeks, build up a nice cash pot $$$ - head over to fiji for 2/3 weeks, chill out, party etc.

Come back, and get the Indian Pacific train from Adelaide > Perth.
By then, we are talking about mid August, when the crops are starting to come through and they need the farm work (for the Oz summer/our winter).

Do the 3 months fruit picking and voila... second year visa DONE! Just in time for summer, so more work going in the cities and towns/ bar work etc plus a lot more to see and do around the country...

6. Posted by wild_eagle797 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 17 Mar '13 19:34

thank you all guys for the hints!!!

actually I am still working on sorting out my opportunities, but it still sounds a little frightening. I admit.

Dtinney, your plan sounds very well thought of, I will do my best in the next few days to clear my mind and post you some next stage myself ;)

What I really wonder about is freedom/faculty to move around australia. I read a lot about "better be car-equipped" and such, thus I wander how likely it is to be able to go up and down alone or basically, how convenient that would be...
(i know, i have a loadful of doubts...but really I have no money, cannot help wondering^^