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Travelling tips on Jamaica

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11. Posted by mc1993 (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y

Thank you so much for all the advice and tips! It's really helpful and much appreciated :)

12. Posted by mewell2621 (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y

You will love Jamaica. You do not have to be Jamaican or black. Jamaicans love all people. There are so many budget places to stay all over the island. I have been 15 - 20 times and always stay for $50/night, or less. Food is really cheap if you stick to the locally owned resteraunts. You can eat a full meal w/all the sides for $5-8.


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13. Posted by paradiseguide (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

Quoting mc1993

I am planning a trip to Jamaica for february of 2014. As I don't know anyone who has personally travelled there it'd be great for some tips. So, here are a few questions...

- For a 13 day trip how much money would be recommended to take for food, transport and activities?

- What are some cheap backpackers or home stay places in Ochos, Negril, Montego and Port Antonio?
Yes in Montego Bay i have 2 bedget accommodations, Ocho Rios - Milford Guest House, Negril - The Yoga Center and Port antonio - Bianca rentals

- What is the best and cheapest way to get from place to place? Best way to get around is a Jamaican guide if not the route taxis in small areas and Buses from town to town -
Knutsford Express offers luxury service from Kingston to Negril with stops in Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Montego Bay

- What are some good tours and how much do tours roughly cost?
most tours cost at least us$120 for the day, i offer budget tours for backpackers

- How long would would be recommended to stay in each place listed above?
2 to 3 days in some places if possible - 3 days in Port Antonio, Montego Bay and Negril

- Where are the best parties/clubs? Kingston - Rae town Sundays, Ocho Rios - Priory Beach Sundays, Montego Bay - Pier 1 - fridays , margaritavile - thurdays , Negril - thursday /friday saturday - Jungle night club and Roots Bamboo

- Are there any particular safety tips for transport, going out, tours and hiking etc - its best to always have a Jamaican with you, things go so much easier, prices cheaper and no harassment

Just want a pretty general idea of what to expect, do and prepare for. My friend and I were estimating to take roughly $2000 for accommodation, tours, food, transport and spending. Would this be doable for 12/13 days? i would say $3000 is a better budget maybe you will have change.

I live here and i tour many visitors from around the world on a weekly basis. feel free to ask for more detail if you wish.


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