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Working Holiday Visa - to organise work or wing it/?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Working Holiday Visa - to organise work or wing it/?


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21. Posted by Leanne_87 (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y

Lol, how much cheaper are the 40 odd hour ones coming up at? I love to save money (cheapskate!) so if it was a lot me being me would go for the long one! Hehe! I was toying with Thailand again but I've spent so much time there I think I should prob just get to Aus.

Sorry to hear about you and your bf. I've been in that same situation before, always tricky but I reckon you're doing the right thing!

Hahaha, ridiculous right!

22. Posted by EJG86 (Budding Member 21 posts) 3y

I think you probably saw them - they were £515 one way with China Airways, 39 hours 55 mins from Manchester to Sydney in September (only looked at that month) with 2+ stops!

It's temptingly cheap!


23. Posted by EJG86 (Budding Member 21 posts) 3y

Just reread your post Leanne, so it's roughly £110 cheaper than the cheapest one stop!

I'm not too concerned with events over the ex - just wasn't meant to be!

What was the contract you are on at work?


24. Posted by Leanne_87 (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y

Wow that's good value!

Bit of a long story but I went away for ten months and whilst I was away decided I wanted to go to uni. My old company asked me to work for them when I got back and it was agreed I would do a year. Went to Bali over Christmas and NY and decided that I wanted to do Aus instead so deferred uni until 2014. My life is full if complications! Lol.

25. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 3y

I'd suggest having a look at WWOOFing when you're here. It won't pay you, but it will cover your food and board and still give you some time to yourself.

For fruitpicking work, etc. you can look at the Harvest Trail. That's the standard place to look for that.

For temperature averages, have a look at our Melbourne and Sydney guides. Both have average temperature charts in them. Melbourne in September is pretty nice in my opinion. Average max around 18 °C and plenty of days where it's already well into the 20s. Once you get to December it starts to get hot and can get REALLY hot.

I wouldn't bother with the companies that settle you in. Half the fun of arriving in a new place is the excitement of finding your way around in the city. And it's not really that hard in Sydney. Just go downstairs and catch the train ;)

26. Posted by EJG86 (Budding Member 21 posts) 3y

That's really helpful, thanks Peter. Is there any way you can look into WWOOFing when you are not in the country (going to Google it tonight too.)

Glad I am going in September then, was thinking maybe it was a little early temperature wise - don't want to be packing too many woolly jumpers.

Would you recommend going to Sydney then for a bit or Melbourne? And do you have any thoughts on what line of work would be best to look into in terms of meeting people/getting paid (other than WWOOFing)?

You travel a lot by yourself Leanne? It's my first time staying in a country solo - I normally have friends to meet but this time I'm pretty much on my tod!


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27. Posted by Aminaamir (Inactive 2 posts) 3y

That's really helpful, Thanks peter.

28. Posted by Leanne_87 (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y

That is helpful, thanks Peter. I have heard about WWOLFing before through recommendation so will def look into that :-)

I'm inclined to say Melbourne then if the weather is that nice, like you Elles I don't want to have to take my woolies and coat! Hehe.

I've done a fair bit - 10 months in SE Asia and South America and two 3 week trips. You're never alone though, it's great although each time I get scared! If we are starting at a similar time and place we should def meet :-)

29. Posted by Nickyloux (Budding Member 21 posts) 3y

im really thinking im going at the wrong time for weather!! 10 degrees?! I suppose im more used to that kind of temperature here so wont be too much to get used to?! glad im doing thailand first when its really hot!

Thanks elles an sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend, its typical i have been single for months last year then i come back from Thailand in November thinking im single i want to do more travelling then meet a really great guy 3 months before i leave!! He has said if he can get some money together he will come an see me an if we win the lottery before i leav he will just come with me! lol

im not sure i could handle a 40 hour flight!! i live up in yorkshire but travelling to heathrow mainly so i can get a direct flight to bangkok! just like to get it over with! im really tempted to get a campervan when im out there always liked the idea of it, where do you think youll be in september?


30. Posted by EJG86 (Budding Member 21 posts) 3y

I'm sure it'll be much warmer up in Cairns though at that time of the year? Have you thought much about the Whitsundays?

You loved Thailand so much you're going back!? I was in Thailand when I was 19 - I think I was too young to appreciate it properly though. That is typical re. the boyfriend - you won't be away that long in the great scheme of things if it's meant to be though! And I am sure you will win the lottery!!

No, I like to keep flights short and sweet, especially when you can't leave the airport on your stop-over! Maybe if I planned them better I would have a two day stop over somewhere but like you, I just want to get on with it!

Camper-vanning it does sound very cool - maybe the Ocean road?! Still in two minds re. September, been thinking about keeping it North weather-wise but maybe arriving in Sydney and seeing what the craic is/acclimatize... Where are you thinking for September? That's midway for your trip right?

Have you been reading up on Australia? I inherited a Lonely Planet and the Bill Bryson 'Down Under' but I haven't really got past looking at the pictures...