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I am a young travel companion thats in need to travel

Travel Forums Travel Companions I am a young travel companion thats in need to travel

1. Posted by ShadowElite (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

I am a 23 old male who has been stuck in this city for way to long. I live in a very rich area but with a very poor background thats just wants to get out and live somewhere els. My relatives do not support me and I have to hear stories from being in the Bahamas last weekend or something similar. To some up in words, my life is in despair. I know this is not a helping with depression place but my depression all comes from the need to go somewhere els already.

I go to school and I do get financial aid. I tried going to that study abroad place but the trip costs 3700 dollars and the scholarships are already beyond its deadline.

I am willing to spend 1k from my financial aid to go anywhere near the summer with someone. I am a fun guy to be with, I am very nice playful person that wants to go with someone somewhere so I can finally get to experience travel.

I am very knew to this site so if someone lives in Canada that can show me around the big city, that would be great.

I live in California but I want to get out of state. I look preferably for young outgoing people.

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2477 posts) 3y

Why do you need to travel with someone else? If you truly are a fun guy and a playful person then it's super easy to meet people on the road.

Just go. Have a gas. Get out of your depression.