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Backpacking from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia to Singapore

Travel Forums Asia Backpacking from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia to Singapore

1. Posted by AstralMimi (Budding Member 12 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone

I am currently planning a RTW trip and looking at working out budgets for flights and transport. (roughly, as the trip won't begin until March 2014, and I don't intend to reach PNG untill about Sept/Oct 2014 so working out exact cost is impossible at this stage)

By this point in our trip we will have come from Australia by air into PNG and hope to travel right up through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam by land/boat as much as is cost effective and possible (Flights are okay if they are cheaper!) before we fly again to Beijing.

Has anybody else had experience planning a trip like this? We are first time backpackers ( 2X 26 year old females) and welcome any advice from the more initiated!

Im hoping to be able to work out a rough transport cost total to aim for as I'm currently working my butt off to do this trip! =) (Main backpacking transport, not including the small exploration trips visiting places in each country while we're there)

Also any suggestions or tips about travelling in these areas in general are really welcome. It all seems very overwhelming trying to plan something like this while still leaving a lot open to be flexible, especially as we're never done this before!

We'd like to hike/bike and boat as much as we can to really be able to see these countries in all their glory.

Thanks, happy days.


2. Posted by chen yi (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


I knoww a little bit about Singapore as i have been staying here for awhile.

I normally go cycling around Singapore and one of the roads you could follow would be the park connectors, the usual ones i go is on the east side from Pasir ris to east coast park to Changi Village and back to Pasir ris. You can rent bicycles form the PCN stops and return bikes at any of the stalls along the road with the sign PCN.

Another place you could go would be Pulau Ubin. They have mountain trails and you can also rent kayaks. Its an awesome place to be with really good seafood if you want to have a meal there.

As for hiking there are many places, pulau ubin, mac ritchie reservoir and also bukit timah hill. Thats what i know currently after doing little research.

Hope this helps on your trip!