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Has anyone found/used a good visa service?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Has anyone found/used a good visa service?

1. Posted by klp1902 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 3 Apr '13 15:54

I'm in the home stretch of planning my around the world trip, and now starting to obtain the visa's for countries needed (including Russia and India among others, as a US citizen).

I'm planning on using a service, even though they are very pricey, so I can get them done quickly and all together. The problem I am running into is finding a recommended one. I have looked at reviews all over for a few companies and everyone seems to have horrible experiences.

If anyone can help point me in a good direction it would be so helpful!


2. Posted by Eirevillan (Budding Member, 4 posts) 3 Apr '13 16:23

Visafirst, My sister has used them, so have I and I know loads of others who have aswell for Oz, NZ, USA, Canada and Russia. They are reasonibly cheap and I had my visa for Oz in 2 days and they arranged a bank account, sim card and a years free internet for my phone for 300 Euro or so. Can't swear exactly on the price but it was sweet f a considering they sorted it all hassle free. Enjoy your travells.

Here is the link http:// www. visafirst .com/

I've broke up the link. Not sure what the rules are on this page for posting web addresses.

3. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member, 129 posts) 3 Apr '13 18:00

Your Indian Visa is from date of issue at least it was when I got mine so you can't get it before you travel. Anyhow it's not a problem I got mine in Bangkok. Whatever country you are in before you get to India check out the Indian embassy address there.

I am applying for a Russian Visa this year and you can post date the Visa application form, I'm using the following

You already know Visas are based on Nationality and I'm from the UK so could be different for you.

The only Visas I got before traveling were the US (we had to have an interview in London for a 10 year Visa) and the Australian visas the rest we got on route. We were traveling for 12 months so you can't get them all. Just find out where to get them in the countries you are traveling too, it's not a problem.
Some you can get on the borders, but check out which borders.

Best of luck


4. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member, 129 posts) 3 Apr '13 18:03

Oh by the way there is a live chat on the realrussia website which is extremely useful, they will answer all your questions about the Russian Visa application.


5. Posted by Sander (Moderator, 4394 posts) 4 Apr '13 03:36

Quoting Eirevillan

Visafirst, My sister has used them, so have I and I know loads of others who have aswell for Oz, NZ, USA, Canada and Russia. They are reasonibly cheap and I had my visa for Oz in 2 days

Sorry, this isn't a response to the original question, but for the benefit of people reading this thread in the future, and at least for Australia (though I suspect the same holds for pretty much every "first world" country), the only way I'd recommend people to get a visa is directly from the official source, in this case the Australian Department of Immigration. (here for the Working Holiday Visa and here for the eVisitor)

Any company (like visafirst) is a third party, and though they try to dress it up nice with lots of "extras" (most of which you can do for free yourself with just as much hassle as by going through them), you basically end up paying a premium for filling in the same information in forms on their website rather than on the official websites. Much better to save that money and spend it on actual travelling.

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6. Posted by Eirevillan (Budding Member, 4 posts) 4 Apr '13 06:18

Sander, I didn't fill out anything on their website. All info I gave them was over the phone. The only reason I showed the web address was so the original poster could find their different phone numbers for different countries. You may call it expensive, and maybe it is, but it saves on hassle. That's just my point of view. These companies are a business like any other and they have to make money like anyone else, but I did find them far cheaper than some British based companies who were offering thesame service. Anyway, whatever.

7. Posted by klp1902 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 4 Apr '13 08:18

Thanks for all the feedback.

I feel I should also include that one shouldn't necessarily trust when the visa service companies say you need a visa. ALWAYS check with your consulate. ( For example When I have checked places it has told me that I need a visa, when in fact that is only the case if I plan to stay longer than 3 months in the same place. Also, for Austalia it says I need one, which is true, but it can be done online in about 5 minutes. Definitely not worth the service costs.

Thanks again. I'll try to update this when I get this finished if I have any advice on how I got it all done!

8. Posted by Melodee50 (Budding Member, 8 posts) 4 Apr '13 16:30

As an American I need a visa to stay longer than 90 days in any country that is part of the Schegen agreement. What the visa website said was I need a visa, what it didn't say was if I'm staying less than 90 days the visa is given when you enter the first country, costs nothing, isn't really even discussed when given, and is a stamp in your passport.

I agree that you should always get information directly from the relevant consulate.