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Transition: Residence Permit - Visitor Visa

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My name is Lucas and I`m a Brazilian exchange student in Denmark.

I have some doubts about my resident permit that is valid from 1st January 2013 until 14th July 2013.

I`ll explain my case..

First, I know that I need to leave the Schengen area before my resident permit expires (July 14th).

Thus, I’m leaving Schengen area on July 14th going to Croatia. I’m a Brazilian citizen and I don’t need visa to enter Croatia to stay there for 90 days per 6 months.

After travel to Croatia for 10 days I’d like to visit Barcelona and this is my doubt.

Is it possible leave Schengen area to Croatia before my resident permit expires (14.07) and 10 days after travel to Barcelona (Schengen Area – 24.07) as a tourist?

I read on the nyidanmark website about the visa duration and I know that a tourist visa allows me to stay a maximum of 90 days per 6 months in Denmark and Schengen region. And I read that the six month period is calculated from the date of first entry into the Schengen region.


I arrive for the first time in Schengen Area on January 18 and I’m staying in the Schengen region for a period of three months (90 days – expire 17.04) within the six-month period which ends on 14 July 2013.

So, if I leave Schengen Area to Croatia and after travel to Spain (Schengen Country) on July 24, this date will be constitute a new date of first entry and I can travel more 90 days per 6 months in Schengen?

Is it correct? I'm not sure if I understand the rules and I would like to travel knowing that I am obeying the rules.

I bought my return ticket to Brazil on July 29.
(Aarhus, DK - Copenhagen - Frankfurt - São Paulo).