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1. Posted by Maria32 (Budding Member, 26 posts) 10 Apr '13 10:45


So, I'm the type of person who can't sit still for longer than five minuets, and its the same with my job.

I am looking into a couple of options.

1) travel down Route 66, hire a car, stay in cheap motels and sight see the attractions on the way.

2) go to Australia, get a place to stay, get a job that will get me by, such as a bar job, then explore Australia.

This will be this summer, so if you are interested in either of these options, give us a message.


2. Posted by Haylee0132 (Budding Member, 38 posts) 10 Apr '13 13:11


Your option 2 is my plan for september. Although option 1 looks pretty epic.

im travelling alone too. pretty nervous but so excited.


3. Posted by Maria32 (Budding Member, 26 posts) 10 Apr '13 13:23

Oh wow, what's your plan, like have you got anything arranged yet?


4. Posted by Haylee0132 (Budding Member, 38 posts) 10 Apr '13 13:26

Well I haven't booked anything yet. Applying for my visa & booking flights at the end of the month (when I get paid :)) but my plan is to fly from London to Sydney. Stay there & work until jan. then travel round.

I'm looking for some company at the minute. I get bored on my own.

What about you??? You decided anything yet?

Haylee x

5. Posted by Maria32 (Budding Member, 26 posts) 10 Apr '13 13:38

Sounds like a good plan. So will you just sort out accommodate when you get there?

Nah I haven't fully decided yet, I've been looking around these different programmes where they help you find jobs and that, but I'm thinking to just do it myself, as its like £700 to go on the programme, that only covers your first week accommodation and then they help you find a job, but like I said, just thinking of doing that my self.

Maria :)

6. Posted by Haylee0132 (Budding Member, 38 posts) 10 Apr '13 14:31

i might book my first week in a hostel in sydney. then maye look for an apartment to rent or something.

yeah i was looking at ultimateOz, its good that they sort everything out for ya, like bank acounts etc but its like £800. its probably cheaper doing it yourself. Although its a good way to meet other travellers.

my plans are still really up in the air. :)


7. Posted by lindsey85 (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 10 Apr '13 20:25

I am planning on the classic "road trip"

I am looking to go mid June or July. I want to travel anyway around the USA. By car staying in motels and such. Also a trip out to Hawaii as in love with the place.

It's daunting but like you i get itchy feet and can't just sit around and hate the 9-5.

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9. Posted by Maria32 (Budding Member, 26 posts) 11 Apr '13 01:25


That would be my plan also, in that first week just stay in a hostel, try find an appartment and job.

I havnt started looking at appartment prices yet, do you know a rough idea on how much they will be, or are you waiting till you get out there?

Maria :)

10. Posted by Maria32 (Budding Member, 26 posts) 11 Apr '13 01:30


If I did chose this option, I would be going July time also.

I have been doing some research, and people say that 3-4 weeks is a good timescale for this. How long are you putting aside to do this?

The car companies are pretty cheap to hire a car, the biggest cost would come out of the petrol, as like you said motels along the route is the best option.