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How do you invite people to your blog

Travel Forums System Talk How do you invite people to your blog

1. Posted by IsabelleWestra (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y


I was just wondering if it is possible to either load a list of emails into your blog so they will automatically get emails, or whether there is an option to invite them to subscribe to your blog. So far I've only seen the answer 'e mail them the link' but that's an extra step for them, so I wondered if there is any other way :)


2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4931 posts) 3y

In the right-hand column of each blog there's a "subscribe" page, offering both email subscription and feeds. So you could either link people directly to that page to allow them subscribe, or I guess theoretically you could fill in their email addresses for them (but be sure to let them know separately that you've done so, so they know to expect your emails and won't immediately unsubscribe / block as spam the first time they get an email.)

Sam/Peter: We really should do double opt-in on those email subscriptions - I think right now there's no confirmation step at all.