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1. Posted by chalkers (Full Member 51 posts) 11y

Hey All,

I was hoping that someone would be able to give me some information on UK pub jobs. My main concern is the working age; how old do you have to be for certain jobs ..i.e. bar tender?? i have been lead to believe that it is 19 for bar tenders, is this correct?

However, im only 18 and am wanting to work between July and October. Due to the fact that i am experienced and have completed a bar course, does this allow any leeway to this working age?


2. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 11y

It's 18. If you're old enough to drink it, you're old enough to serve it

3. Posted by chalkers (Full Member 51 posts) 11y

Awesome, that makes it alot easier :)