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1. Posted by Fiorela (Full Member 1 posts) 3y

Hello there,

I have a ridiculous mismatch between the number of visitors reported by travellerspoint (+900) versus google analytics (~118).
What could be the reason for this huge difference?
I did install google analytics when the travelllerspoint count was about 38 so the timing doesnt justify the current numbers.



2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5899 posts) 3y

Hi Fiorela,

The reason is the Travellerspoint counter is extremely basic and doesn't distinguish between bots and real visitors. To create a reliable analytics counter internally is a big job and since Google Analytics does this so well already, we would encourage you to integrate with their system as you have done. Just ignore our stats please, even if they are rather flattering

One other more minor category of visit which we may track that GA does not is those people without javascript enabled. But this is such a small percentage, that it's negligible.

Hope it helps.