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Error Message from subscribers

Travel Forums System Talk Error Message from subscribers

1. Posted by jonshapiro (Respected Member 38 posts) 3y

Several subscribers have written to say that when they click on they link they get from email they are getting a message saying this page can't be found. What to do to fix this, so it doesn't keep on happening. This was never a problem in the past.

2. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 3y

Hi Jon,
Was that for Book Five: Return to Southeast Asia and China? I noticed there was a post just prior to that which was deleted. It is possible your subscribers were notified of that entry and once it was deleted, the page then redirects to the not found message.

In that situation you may like to advise your subscribers to remove the post number i.e. /124/ so they will be taken straight to your home page with your most recent entry sitting at the top.

3. Posted by jonshapiro (Respected Member 38 posts) 3y

Thanks very much, Jon