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Asia Trip Tips required :)

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1. Posted by MicZLR (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys,

So at the moment me and my boyfriend are planning a trip. details:

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Time: September 2013

Budget: €1500 euro EXCLUDING int flights (ie for food, accommodation and activities on the trip) per person

we are looking to spend it in asia (thailand/cambodia/vietnam area - not fussy about changing that if anyone suggests better :)) however we are not quite sure where or what do to yet. we are looking to spend some of the time hostelling (both to save money and to meet people etc) and then along the way relax in some nice hotels too.

What i am asking is this: our budget and time frame are quite fixed however location, plan and activities are not yet. we want to see beautiful sites and scenery, some beach time, adventurous activities etc....

Can anyone (from experience) suggest some ideas?

Thanks in advance :) mic n mig

2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2012 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I would suggest Thailand and Laos for you since you mention nothing about culture or history. I happen to prefer Vietnam, but unless you're willing to go the extra mile to meet the Vietnamese people and understand their culture, I doubt if it's for you. is the place to do your research.

3. Posted by MicZLR (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

hey daawgon, actually i visited china last year and loved all the temples and cultural sites that i visited in beijing and around and honestly vietnam is really where i want to visit, i was thinking of flying to bangkok, spending a couple of days there, making our way to cambodia, phnom phen and siem reap and then on to ho chi mhin and make our way up vietnam.... what do u think?

4. Posted by GotGlass (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

there are some great places in Thailand to visit such as Bangkok (visit the hotel where Hangover was filmed), Koh Phi Phi, Khao Sok national park....

5. Posted by tuntravel48 (Inactive 11 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

2, 3 weeks to cover all three countries is so rush, Buddy. I think you can choose from 2 options: Thai Lan - Cambodia or Vietnam - Cambodia. I come from Vietnam so of course I will recommend the second option. Spend some day in Ho Chi Minh, explore the city, specially the Cu Chi Tunnel and Cao Dai temple, then take a cruise a long mekong delta and heading to Cambodia. Because you said that you do love cultural and temple, so take about 5 days to the middle of Vietnam is worth for you!

Hope this help!


6. Posted by MicZLR (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hey tuntravel, thank you so much for your info. yes we will probably do the vietnam-cambodia option. some thing like this:

Bangkok - hanoi

Hanoi (3 nights),
Sapa (3-4 nights inc. two overnight train nights)
Halong Bay (2 nights)
Hanoi (1 night)
Hue (2 nights)
Hoi An (3 nights)
Nha Trang (2-3 nights)
Ho Chi Minh / mekong (3 nights)

Fly to Bangkok
what do you think?

7. Posted by hanoiimperial (Inactive 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Good idea to travel Thailand and Vietnam

8. Posted by watercarrier (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

If you want to travel cheaply, check out the Philippines. Great value and amazing beaches, plus a lot less tourists than Thailand etc.

9. Posted by robhallam (Budding Member 24 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

i don't think 3 nights is necessary in Hanoi. I would spend the extra night on whatever tour you book for halong bay. 2 days is not enough.

10. Posted by elohvielove (Budding Member 35 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

two cents worth since im an asian is that
-sept is the usual wet rainy period for areas in indochina such as vietnam, laos. it doesnt pour, but it doesn't shine as well. so if mild drizzle dont annoy you (like it does to me) then it should be nice.

-thai people have been known for their hospitality, and i myself love it over there. if you will like to have city life (ie shopping) then head to bangkok. even their 3 or 4* hotels are not exactly expensive as well so you can pamper yourself a little here! non-city life - chiang mai maybe? for some trekking and elephant riding. if you are "lucky", you might get to bathe them haha. beach life - phuket and krabi. i like to refer krabi as the less known sister of phuket. but things there are pretty much half the price of phuket but equally nice still.

- if you are flying in from the Europe area, you are probably gonna transit through Singapore? If so, take a day or two around the island, or even hop over to Malaysia :) Do note that Singapore can be generally expensive unless you are really great at looking for cheap hunts :)

- not so sure on vietnam as i havent been there. heard that people are nice though :P

have a great trip! :)