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1. Posted by phonK13 (Budding Member 18 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


Im going to Australia in July for a year (WHV) and then im going to travel through asia finishing in china where im looking to stay for up to a year. Ive been looking around for insurance which could cover my whole trip but with no luck. The most ive managed to find is a 2 year cover option :(.

Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been away travelling for this long and knows of a way i can stay insured for my whole trip? (there must be a way)

I have thought about maybe just taking out cover for my year in australia and then possibly seeing if i can then get insured in Australia for travel in Asia. But i have a feeling i may have to return to UK.



2. Posted by noincue (Budding Member 35 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I got a travel visa for 12 months through worldnomads. Their coverage was very comprehensive and with a 10% discount (for students) i managed to only pay about
$650. They then had extension options for discounted rates.

The only thing i will say, if you plan to ski (an unworthy/expensive option in Aus), you won't be covered for medical/dental etc. No exceptions.

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4. Posted by phonK13 (Budding Member 18 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

For anyone else that has same problem as me i think i have found a solution. You can get 2 years travelling insurance with STA (the most that can be purchased without returning home first) then i found a site who will cover you if you are already abroad as long as you are normally UK / EU resident for up to 18 months. So in total for 3 years insurance you would be looking to pay about £1000.