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What would be good places to Visit India in august?

Travel Forums Asia What would be good places to Visit India in august?

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1. Posted by rob.shanon (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

I live in Nepal, and I m basically from Bathinda, Punjab, India. I 've been to Chandigarh and Amritsar as tour. In August my friends are coming from Australia to visit India and Nepal, I m more familiar with Nepal, so i know about nepal. But I m not sure which places would be good places to visit in August. My friends are Australian and they are so excited about India. I just know about Goa and New Delhi. It seems South India is so amazing.
And we will be able to afford about $600 (excluding flights), i guess. Can you please suggest me some good places, It would be nice if i can travel from south to north , so i could go to home in Punjab as well.

2. Posted by vaibhao (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y

You can go straight to Kanyakumari, the last point of mainland India. Then you have choice of taking the east coast or west coast. Along the east coast, you can visit Chennai, visakhapattanam, Puri (Jagannath temple) and Gaya (Buddhist Viharas), visit lucknow and go back to Delhi.

On western coast, you can go to Goa, visit famour Ajanta, ellora caves near aurangabad, then go to rajasthan to visit Jaisalmer, Jodhpur to see desert and royal palaces. If they like, you can also spend a day in Bombay to feel the city after beaches and churches of Goa.

These are just a few suggestions. Talk to more people and chalk out suitable plan.

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6. Posted by rob.shanon (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

I think Via western Coast its perfect, i want to visit Goa and Rajasthan so much.

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9. Posted by MegT (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

travelling from the south up through north west coast coast through Orrisa and heading up to Kolkata and then through to Darjeeling and Sikkim would have to be my pick. The regions boast stunning landscapes, amazing cultures and bountiful histories. It was definitely my favourite stretch of my India trip.
It might be a stretch for the $$$ but it was nice to get off the tourist circuit and spend time camping around these areas, especially Orissa :)

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