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1. Posted by Fishman9 (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


I am moving to Australia with my girlfriend in August with a view to working there for a year. I will be planning to save as much money as I can and then travelling onwards from there. Firstly, where do you recommend as a starting point in Australia? I have been told conflicting things from everyone I have spoken too.

Also, I have been looking at the cost of hostels and hotels and have a decent idea of what costs are involved.

Are there any other alternatives such as house shares, private hostel dorms or house/flat sitting opportunities that won't cost an absolute fortune?

We don't mind doing the hostel thing, but obviously are looking to get something for ourselves once we've saved a bit of cash.

Many thanks,


2. Posted by icyx (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I haven't done it myself, but have heard from a lot of other travellers who have: if you're looking to save a lot of money, I've heard good things about getting away from the big cities, going out into the countryside, and trying to find jobs at resorts or hotels that are not only in smaller towns (less distraction to spend!) but include accommodation as well. Or, I've heard from a few people that they saved money on accommodation by living in camper vans.

Look into opportunities with mining companies, as well - not to mine, but to drive buses or work admin, etc. Good luck :)

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4. Posted by Fishman9 (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Many thanks for the reply, that is pretty much what I wanted to know and getting out of the centre is a good idea.

5. Posted by Char72 (Budding Member 39 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi James,

Me and my boyfriend are moving out there in August too, we land in Brisbane on 16th August. We plan on staying with a friend until we find something for ourselves but I think a flat share is a good idea.

I am a little worried about finding work but am trying to do as much research now as I can. I think sign up to some agencies for temp work once you get there.

Have you guys booked your flights yet?