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Malaysia To Singapore By Train

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1. Posted by harrietlucia (Inactive, 1 posts) 24 Jun '13 04:16

i would like to travel from Malaysia to Singapore through train ..

my question was how enjoyable this trip was ?

2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 24 Jun '13 07:46

Not sure if it's any help, but I've done the trip from KL to Singapore by bus and it was very comfortable. I'm not sure if the train is much/any faster, but I'd happily recommend the bus as a cheap way to travel between the two cities.

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3. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru, 1299 posts) 24 Jun '13 18:53

I have done the train from Butterworth (Penang area) through to KL then to Singapore. Cheap seats were booked up and I used First Class.

A bus will be cheaper and faster. For me the ride was okay, first class was a change for me. Usually I am in the cheap seats or in Thailand using the sleeper car a few times to Chiang Mai. There is a food car for cheap snacks and the toilet is bigger than a bus.

Every now and then you see something nice out the window. But often you are seeing the back sides of junkyards, apartments and factories or industrial areas too.

I do prefer the train because I like to get up every now and then to stretch out. You can take a short stroll through the cars if you want; on a bus most drivers want you to remain seated. Bring a book to read. Sometimes the A/C is a little chilly so have something light to throw on.

Your choice.

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