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1. Posted by Heds-Aussie (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y

I am interested in buying or loaning a bicycle to travel through Europe on. Can anyone suggest the best place to buy a bike?

It doesn't have to be new, it can be used.

I will be traveling through Estonia, Lativia, Lithuania, Chech, Austria. I will then organise an eastern trip with Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia.

Can anyone be of assistance?

Cheers :)

2. Posted by GSG (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y


First of all:
Where are you from? have experience in cycling?

If you want to do it all bike, I advise purchasing a new bike and not a used one. Because then you have the assurance that the bike is one hundred percent good. Want to make the journey by road or also by land? You'll need to buy a stand where you will get purses which guards the clothes.
You'll need lots of tubes and I hope you know to change a tire.
Be careful, very careful, in some of these countries cycling is not very safe, the people are not careful with cyclists, and beware of thefts these countries are not very safe.

I advise doings the maximum out of the road so advise purchasing a good mountain bike bicycle with good suspensions, good brakes, comfortable etc ...

3. Posted by Heds-Aussie (Budding Member 3 posts) 3y

Hello GSG - thank you for your reply.

I am Australian! From the East coast. I have knowledge of bicycles and have changed many a tyre.
I have ridden a bicycle since I was a boy, many kilometres have passed by in my time but nothing to this scale of adventure.

I have always wanted to travel across country/countries whilst pedalling.

I know there are risks that are applied when on the road but any suggestions are appreciated - thank you!

I am currently backpacking but I have a feeling I will have to downsize. My bag is a 60lt bag.

As a first time adventure on bicycle, am I getting a little to adventurous? Shall I just stick to one or two countries? Perhaps just Italy instead??

4. Posted by GSG (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

I´m from Portugal,

So knowledge you have, nice

I think is too much for a first time,

See what you think of this way. I think it's pretty good. After Bern you go down to Italy by the sea to rome.