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Finding a good insect repellent - harder than you think

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Finding a good insect repellent - harder than you think

1. Posted by andytraveller26 (Budding Member 26 posts) 3y

Hi guys

Struggling to find a good insect repellent or any good advice. Many websites are contradicting and wanted some experience and guidance if anyone knows.

Last time I went to south east Asia I used a repellent with high feet content, found it had dreadful smell, was greasey and didn't particularly work very well.

I have found some without deet - worth a try? When I was in India I used odomos cream, smelt lush and worked but can't find in England.


2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 3y

So far I've found only deet-based repellents work for me, but I agree it's greasy and horrible stuff so I'd be interested to know if you find anything else. At nights when I was travelling I always used a plug in repellent and I found these really effective; it seems you can buy them cheaply in most places.

Have you had a look at Travel Pharm? They seem to have a good range of repellents.

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3. Posted by andytraveller26 (Budding Member 26 posts) 3y

Hi Bex.

Thanks for your reply. I think I will give a plug in a try too this time.
The travel pharm site has a great range so thanks again.

Andy :)

4. Posted by Roaming_Rach (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hi Andy,

Did you use a high strength DEET, such as 100% (actually more like 98% in all honesty!), as the higher strength formulas can be quite oily. Maybe give a 50% strength a go?

Pyramid sell a repellent called Ecoguard, which is DEET free - and this has been proven as effective as 50% DEET formulas.

Another good brand I've tried was Lifesystems, I used their 50% Expedition repellent in Egypt and didn't have any issues, I have quite sensitive skin too.

You could also try wrist bands as these are apparently quite effective!

Hope this helps a bit :)


5. Posted by katzgar (Inactive 228 posts) 3y

You want a DEET based product but no more then 35% is needed. I prefer Ultrathon DEET as it has a slow release feature. Permethrin is also effective on clothes and Picardin is effective as is OLE.