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Missing things from home

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Missing things from home

1. Posted by Bevred (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

I have been living in Australia for a while now, but am missing things from home, certain foods you can't get over here, Mum's homemade cakes, my favourite jumper etc. It's really expensive for my parents to post these things to the other side of the world. Does anyone know a cheap way of getting these things across the pond?

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3744 posts) 3y

I know how you feel - I missed certain things when I was living in New Zealand. Is there a UK shop near where you live in Oz? I regularly used to go to one in Auckland so I could get my fix of UK food. Also, some of the UK clothes shops deliver overseas now when you order online, and the postage might only be a little bit more.

You could get things sent by ship which is cheaper but obviously take a lot longer.

3. Posted by Bevred (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

Hi bex76
Thanks for your quick reply. There is a UK shop not too far away, but it's more the things you can't get in the shops, for example my Mum makes amazing cakes and Jersey wanders. I miss the homely food that only Mum's can make and some items I forgot to bring over with me. I love it out here, but when I'm homesick, I still grave my Mum's baking. Honestly, I am an adult ; )
I'll defo look into shipping things over though.
Thanks very much

4. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 3y

Hmm... where are you based? I wonder if you could start an offline cooking group for expats/travellers. I expect there would be an audience for a monthly meet indulging in comfort foods from home. Maybe some people here are in your area?

Food for thought, anyway! (no pun intended)

5. Posted by Bevred (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

Thanks Kellie, I'm in Darwin. That is a great idea and if I can force my friends from home to save up and get there lazy bums out here, they can bring my non baked stuff out for free ; )
I need to find a rich Ozzy to marry, it would make life much more simple!!

6. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 3y

Did not expect you to say Darwin! Would love some of your weather right now.

  • Waits for local Darwinites to weigh in *

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7. Posted by Bevred (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y

You should get up here and do some baking with me

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9. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 3y

That is a top idea.
Alas, the plan to head north is down for late next year