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Living in Melbourne on a WHV and looking to meet new people

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Living in Melbourne on a WHV and looking to meet new people

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1. Posted by LeaInOz (Budding Member 5 posts) 3y

Hi all,

I’m a 29 year old English girl who arrived in Melbourne last week (end of June) and will be living (and working) here for a year.

Although I enjoy going out, I’m also looking to explore the sights of Australia (and hopefully NZ) over the next year and would love to hear from like minded people in a similar situation!

Please get in touch if this sounds like you!

Leanne x

2. Posted by Bedford1989 (Budding Member 8 posts) 3y

Hey I'll be in Melbourne fron 9th August

hows everything going? I'm not to sure what my plans are but I want to travel around a bit but try and stay in Melbourne mostly.


3. Posted by LeaInOz (Budding Member 5 posts) 3y

Hey Mat,

Only a month to go for you now! Are you stopping off anywhere on the way over?

I've been in Melbourne for just over a week now so still finding my feet. It's such a big city so quite a big change for me! I'm lucky that I have a couple of Kiwi friends here who I'm staying with. I'm looking for work at the moment and then I'll move into a new house share.

Hopefully I'll be a bit more knowledgable by 9th August so drop me a line if you'd like to meet up and see a friendly face :)


4. Posted by mollieb (Full Member 108 posts) 3y

Hi guys,

I'm hoping to go travelling along the East Coast (Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Gold Coast -Sunshine Coast - Whitsunday Islands - Cairns) in October time but am a bit optimistic as I have no one to go with.

I'm thinking of going with OzIntro to meet some new people so I'm not alone.

Is anyone else thinking of doing the same as me? Get in touch if you are, would love to hear from you.

Also, how much money and how long are people travelling round OZ for?



5. Posted by Bedford1989 (Budding Member 8 posts) 3y

Hey Leanne,

Stopping in Dubai on the way but only for a few hours, Where you from from in the UK?

Yea I'll get in contact sooner to the time!


6. Posted by LeaInOz (Budding Member 5 posts) 3y

Hey Mollie,

That sounds great and the weather will be warmer then too. I'm staying in Melbourne and travelling from here, rather than travelling around. Drop me a line if you would like to meet up when you're here!

Mat - I'm from a town in Shropshire; much smaller than Melbourne! :)


7. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 3y

Hey Leanne,

I arrived in Melbourne only a week ago myself. I want to pretty much just see it all, well as much as possible and if I can, go to NZ and Fiji as well. Melbourne was my first stop as have family here so figured it be a good way to help with the whole transition and stuff ya know. If yourself or anybody else around the city would like to meet up or get chatting be great as I'm still finding my feet and would like to meet people and make some friends over here. I'm a 24 year old Irish lad anyway, so sure give us a shout if ya like.

All the best,

8. Posted by LeaInOz (Budding Member 5 posts) 3y

Hey Dean,

It's nice to hear from you! How are you finding Oz so far?

Do you have an Aussie number yet? I'm free for much of next week if you would like to meet up!

Take care,


9. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 3y


Ah it's going grand so far. Think I'm only really getting myself together and organised now ya know. Yeah I have a number, but don't think this site lets you post personal info on the page. Sure I'll message ya.

All the best,


10. Posted by katyford1991 (Budding Member 12 posts) 3y

Hi Everyone

I'm arriving in Melbourne in January with a WHV and am looking to meet people doing the same thing. I'm planning on staying in Melbourne for a couple of months and then moving on to both Sydney & Brisbane and doing the same there!!

Cannot wait to get there now!! It's the only thing getting me through my crappy job.

Katy xx