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6 weeks in Europe - where to see???

Travel Forums Europe 6 weeks in Europe - where to see???

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1. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Budding Member, 90 posts) 5 Jul '13 22:39

Hey guys!
So a friend and i are planning to travel around Europe in maybe April and we are so spoilt for choice! We've travelled Germany and Czech Republic this year and have a trip to Amsterdam planned in September. Where do people recommend to travel??? We'd prefer anywhere east from France and we have 6 weeks all together.
Any replies are recommended! :-)

2. Posted by mariha2912 (Budding Member, 59 posts) 7 Jul '13 01:56

Greece lol

Provide more specifics on your interests, it is impossible to advice on a so generic question...

3. Posted by Love_Travelling (Budding Member, 52 posts) 7 Jul '13 09:50

You can do Central Europe - Austria, Switzerland etc - , maybe Italy. I don't know, what are you expecting from your trip, you should tell us what are your interests etc!

4. Posted by Packbacker26 (Budding Member, 47 posts) 8 Jul '13 10:56


5. Posted by parisgong (Budding Member, 6 posts) 9 Jul '13 01:43

Obviously, you can't miss Rome. It has so much to offer around every corner. Florence is also a must see. One of the most beautiful cities on the planet!

If you're in Italy, then la Cinque Terra is another hot spot, and ofcourse Venice.

I recommend getting an interrail pass, as travel on trains can be quite expensive throughout Europe.

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8. Posted by tizalee (Inactive, 2 posts) 10 Jul '13 04:07

Great You can do - Austria, Switzerland and other Central Europe.

9. Posted by nomorebadtrips (Budding Member, 3 posts) 10 Jul '13 08:51

6 weeks is a lot of time and you can certainly pack in a lot. I highly recommend going east and renting a car to travel through Transylvania, up through the Ukraine, and Southern Poland. The scenery is gorgeous, it's inexpensive, and you'll have a ton of flexibility to see things off the beaten path.

10. Posted by DenisClymer (Budding Member, 5 posts) 12 Jul '13 06:52

Yaeh, I agree with nomorebadtrips, Ukraine and Poland are particularly nice in Eastern Europe