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6 weeks in Europe - where to see???

Travel Forums Europe 6 weeks in Europe - where to see???

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11. Posted by calcio82 (Budding Member, 12 posts) 12 Jul '13 10:34

Edinburgh is an absolute must and yes I'm being bias but you can't beat it for history. Every street corner has a story to tell and there are so many beautiful old buildings and we even have our own Pandas now :)

Edinburgh Castle
Mary Kings Close
Royal Mile
Arthurs Seat
Princes Street Gardens
Holyrood Palace

You can even take a journey out to Loch Lomond or wlak up Ben Nevis which isn't that far and the scenery is stunning.

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12. Posted by LadyMina (Budding Member, 2 posts) 12 Jul '13 17:45

Italy: Florence, Pisa, and Rome
Austria: Vienna and Linz
Switzerland: Zürich
Germany: Hamburg, Berlin, München, Frankfurt Main,
England: London, Canterbury, Exeter, Arundel, Avebury, Bath
Scotland: Lochs, Highlands

13. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Budding Member, 90 posts) 18 Jul '13 10:03

Hah sorry the post was very generic; should have specified more but thank you everyone for all the replies! Will look more into the cities that were suggested; I'm from England though and travelled all over it - never gave Scotland a second thought for some reason, so could be nice. I really like the look of Florence and the Ukraine-Poland area does look fantastic!
My friend is REALLY into aviation and planes - anyone know good places for that? He loved the Flight Museum in Munich for example.
Lots to look at but thanks again everyone!

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