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1. Posted by annabananna (Budding Member 6 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hey I'm from germany and i'm in Canada right know would love to hear from other what to do or maybe find someone to join me

2. Posted by Travel1Samerica (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I am looking to (well have debate in mind going on) Back to know where I have been as Ecuador know as back of my hand with 50 plus visits Or India /Africa "just cannot find any nations buy Ghana really liked and with FUN "social things to do. S>America YES /It is Fun 99% of time and with the "locals" Also thought of going back to Asia as in Thailand?

Just 40 and retired and a big world out there USA sucks "as my take on it / sounds good in Germany (1 time there on a lay-over ) Only country ate at 5 star over 100$ USD meal and was sick from food for 3 days (can eat the streets of Korea or Ecuador for 2$ USD and have great meal /yet Germany Got me (and when I travel I go for 45-100 days or more and never been ILL

I would love to show you S.America know the language and have "good friends that moved there and married (so always a safety net IF /but not needed also have beach land there bought in 2002/ want to build a home on it as (the person bought from (let live until passed (was old lobster fisherman 82 at time and passed just 2 years ago 'Right next to the LIVE Cocoa Beach (that land developers call and offer millions to put up a resort /but no no "nothing like nature "plus see a huge business opportunity selling GRINGO food per beach goers (as it is a need that is not met (tourist come but sketchy of food) just simple Pizza and they love French fries would make great money...

I am Mike michaelshultz then at sbcglobal dot net/ Cheers for going to Canada been there much Toronto (love the Chinatown ) I am in WI so can drive in 11 hrs what part are you traveling and going next? I am ready to go in late JULY to Aug 6th at latest to seems to Columbia then train to Ecuador is lowest cost/and easy ... I have been to Columbia and the stories of danger just stories...

If like adventure / I am up for it / If you are a girl no worry I respect women and get along better grew up with mom only and grandma (if guy as long as Respectful to girls and all people then I am ok (funny the screen name is what "nickname my mom's G Shepard (is german breed.. "now that is wild or should say a wild coinscidence 1st time on site and just choose random..

Ok also if need travel help if in USA 414 581 5898 is my cell (when travel be careful but not shy) much good "yet beware of the bad / I was led in India to less crowded and less people about searching for puppets to buy (then a shopkeeper shook his finger as Danger and I just Ran back the opposite way (probably saved my life...

Guten nacht

Mike Shultz