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Australia 2013 - Gap Year

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1. Posted by Olly7m (Budding Member, 24 posts) 22 Jul '13 11:05

Hi all,

I have created a group on Facebook to add anyone going to Australia anytime between say September and January, just to chat about plans etc and make a few contacts before going!

If any of you guys are interested just message on this group or private message me whatever and we can get a group/chat going :)

Speak soon!

Olly :)

2. Posted by MattyBarnes (Budding Member, 10 posts) 22 Jul '13 11:12

Hey buddy,

What's your travel plans so far? I'm heading to Sydney in December on my lonesome so am keen to chat/meet people doing the same!


3. Posted by Olly7m (Budding Member, 24 posts) 22 Jul '13 11:18

Have you got FB man? Trying to get a big convo going, just started a private group!

Let me know pal

4. Posted by Scott82 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 23 Jul '13 01:06

Did you get a Facebook group started??? I fly into sydney 1st of November on a year working visa would love to hear everyone's plans

5. Posted by Deborah-JayneT (Budding Member, 4 posts) 29 Jul '13 14:51

Is there a link to the FB group?
I'm going solo in Sept and would love to chat to others going!

6. Posted by abbey1803 (Budding Member, 6 posts) 6 Aug '13 12:07

Could I have the link to the fb page? I'm leaving to sydney on 1st november on my tod x

7. Posted by Olly7m (Budding Member, 24 posts) 6 Aug '13 14:04

Hi guys,

Its a private group, send me the link to your FB pages, Ill add you then add you in, currently 35 people in there!


8. Posted by HReynolds (Budding Member, 14 posts) 6 Aug '13 14:11

can i join in im leaving for oz next week! staying for 2 years tho hopefully :D


9. Posted by Olly7m (Budding Member, 24 posts) 6 Aug '13 14:15

Hi Holly,

Send me the link to your FB Page,


10. Posted by keeler10 (Budding Member, 10 posts) 8 Aug '13 13:49 sort me out olly.