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Need accomodations

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1. Posted by pmitty (Full Member 15 posts) 13y

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Hi there, does anyone know the best way to find accomodations in Sydney. I will be there till the beginning of Auguest and need to arrange a place to stay. I will be there for school.

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5928 posts) 13y

Hi pmitty,

How about the 'accommodation' link at the top of this page? There is a good selection of both budget and luxury accommodation in Sydney. I just booked my hotel for this weekend through the Last Minute Hotels part of it.

3. Posted by Peggy12 (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y


how about inquiring with your school? Schools that accept overseas students usually have one of their staff taking care of issues such as accommodation. Ask for homestay, or (once you are in Sydney) read the message boards at international schools and local universities to find posting for flats, rooms to rent or shared accommodation. For the first week or so plan to stay at any of the places suggested by travellerspoint.
Good luck with that and enjoy your stay in Oz!



4. Posted by Kristo (Full Member 58 posts) 13y

HI there,
It depends on what type of accomodation you are looking for. There are a few student UNI accomodation places you could try.
Try this website :

If that's not what you are after try these :

Cheers Kristo

5. Posted by pmitty (Full Member 15 posts) 13y

Thanks for your responses. Yes I will be attending the University of Western Sydney and going to Penrith Campus. I will be there till the middle of August. So I want to stay somewhere that is not far from Sydney casue i don't mind taking the train (which is what I think i have to do) How much is the train..? I think the campus and sydney are an hour apart. Is there anywhere in between thats great that i should be looking into?