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Anyone going to be in Sydney beginning of Feb 2014?!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Anyone going to be in Sydney beginning of Feb 2014?!

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1. Posted by AlexandraDuarte (Budding Member 29 posts) 3y

Hey - is anyone landing in Sydney beginning of Feb? That's when I land, and ideally would want to meet up with some like-minded ppl beforehand.

Let me know :)


2. Posted by charleypaayne (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y


I'm planning on being out in Sydney from mid feb :)

Are you travelling on your own? What have you got planned while your out there?


3. Posted by AlexandraDuarte (Budding Member 29 posts) 3y

Hi babe!

Yep i'm travelling alone, but would be cool to properly plan it and meet up with someone out there! I land on Feb 3rd.

I've been thinking about doing Oz Intro for the first week, but after reading other ppl's blogs, apparently it works out quite a bit cheaper to just go and book everything yourself once you get there.. but I would only do that If I was definitely meeting up with someone else to travel with.. otherwise i'd be alone! lol. I've been to Australia before, i'd quite like to do things like the barrier reef again etc. Maybe work. And my flights are all flexible - so can stay In Aus for up to a year. I fly to LA on the way home too! :)

Have you got specific plans?


4. Posted by samwid (Budding Member 9 posts) 3y

heyy .... im planning on going the first week of feb too :) i wanna know someone out there before i go too haha x

5. Posted by charleypaayne (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

Hey! :)

Yeah I'm doing it all on my own too, I'm quite nervous but I think soooo many people do it on their own so we're bound to meet people :)

I'm starting off in Perth to see family and then want to head out to Sydney. And then end up in NZ. But that's as far as my plans go haha! Yeah I've heard about intro oz too and thought about it, but like you I've had my doubts. Yeah I'd love to do all of that! Want to experience it as much as possible before I come home back to reality haha :)

I haven't got any specific plans, I haven't even booked anything yet! Still trying to sort it all out :)

Charley x

6. Posted by charleypaayne (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

And hi Sam! :) have you got any plans? I know what you mean, it would be nice to get to know people before we go out there :) x

7. Posted by samwid (Budding Member 9 posts) 3y

i plan on going out end of jan ..... straight to perth then travel from there . I quite like the idea of getting a car or camper van and travelling but i am also willing to work and do it that way !

iv been looking at motels and wake up looks a good choice, very lone traveller orientated !

will you be getting a years whv ? xx

8. Posted by charleypaayne (Budding Member 27 posts) 3y

Ah yeah that sounds like a good idea! A few people have recommended that to me :)

I've not heard of wake up, but i'll have to check it out, and have a look especially if its good for lone travellers :D

Yes, i probably will but i'm not going to be in sydney for the year. I only plan to stay for 3 months or so and then go to New Zealand and do another 2 there. I think for me that will be plenty of time on my own. Are you going for a year?? and are you getting a WHV??


9. Posted by becky_lunnx (Budding Member 5 posts) 3y


Sorry to randomly comment into your conversation! But i'm in the exact same boat!

I'm flying to Perth on the 28th Jan, then going from there with absolutely no plans (lots of ideas, just no plans!) I have accomodation for the first 2 nights and after that i have no clue on what to do... wanting to go to Sydney etc but with no time scale on anything! I also want to fly to NZ for a few months as i have family out there (which i have never met!). I've been looking at Kiwi Experience for that, any of you looked into that?

It would be good to know people/talk to people before i get there and meet up so im not on my own! Planning on going for a year and ending up staying in a flat in Sydney towards the end of the year/NYE.


10. Posted by AlexandraDuarte (Budding Member 29 posts) 3y

Hi Rebecca,

I'm the same - so many ideas but not much planned! I think that may be for the best, though - to book things once out there, I have a couple of friends who have done this before and advised that it is best to book things as you go.

It would be good to meet up with you in Sydney! As I too am going alone. Do you have an idea of when you would get to Sydney at all? I've been to Oz before, but would like to go back to a few places like Cairns (do the barrier reef again, etc) and end up renting a flat too. I haven't ruled out working either, depending on the money situation. How's the saving going?