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1. Posted by farhan.ariff (Budding Member, 19 posts) 29 Jul '13 09:44

Hi ,

i'm planning to go boracay island on november 2013 , so i been planning to KL-CLARK and i'll be landed around 1030am
from that time , can i catch a flight at manila airport around 1515pm ?

so my question is :

1) is there any taxi or bus from clark airport to manila airport ? and how much did that cost ?
2) from 10.30am at clark airport can i catch pacific airlines (last flight around 1515) ?

thanks . hope you guys could give some suggestion or idea .

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru, 1301 posts) 29 Jul '13 20:54

Maybe but you will have to be very lucky. From Clark one option is to go to the bus station at Dau. It has been several years since I had to use a bus from Angeles. If the ride is 2 hours you are lucky. I have been on the Rabbit and Victory Liner buses much longer at different times because of traffic.

From the bus stations in Manila you will have to use a taxi for the airport.

Google up "bus from Clark to Manila" or words like that and you will get quite a few suggestions.

Spend the night in Angeles and go to Manila the next day. (Unless you already bought the flight!) There is a lively area along side Clark Airport. Nightlife, hotels, restaurants, etc. Big mall near Clark front gate. Swagman's Fly the Bus leaves from local hotels.

You got a start.

3. Posted by farhan.ariff (Budding Member, 19 posts) 30 Jul '13 06:18

Hi ,

thanks for your advice, i been reading some review and advice also about this matter ,
but then since you already go there or from philippines , do u have any suggestion airlines to go direct to caticlan ? because me and friend would love to arrive on the island ASAP before night . would be better :)

but as u said if i were lucky right , so pretty scared gonna miss those flight to caticlan .
because the last flight only at 1515 on the same date.

4. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru, 1301 posts) 30 Jul '13 19:53

You could fly direct to Manila!

You could fly to Clark a day earlier.

5. Posted by farhan.ariff (Budding Member, 19 posts) 31 Jul '13 14:40

i wish it too direct to manila but it were sad actually hahaha

but then we got limited time to go to the island . thay why i'm been planning how to get to the island on the same day .

i just survey with your link wanted to from clark airport - terminal pasay , and from terminal to the airport how much for the taxi ? do you know ?

6. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru, 1301 posts) 31 Jul '13 20:29

Taxi is not cheap! Do a Google check on this. I never used a taxi just bus and Fly the Bus from Swagman. Some prices I saw were around $50. But I have not been to this place in 4 or 5 years.

There is some additional information on this link.
Margarita Station