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Who is travelling the Oz East Coast in Dec 2013/Jan 2014?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Who is travelling the Oz East Coast in Dec 2013/Jan 2014?


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1. Posted by MaisieJohnson (Budding Member 20 posts) 3y

Hi Guys,

I'm travelling the east coast of Australia from 27th December 2013 to 23rd Jan 2014. I'll be flying to Melbourne to begin with, and will then head up to Sydney after NYE. From then on I'll be using the Oz Experience bus pass from Sydney to Cairns.

As I'll be travelling on my own I wondered if anyone's doing the east coast at the same time as me? If so, then give me a shout!! Would be great to meet some like minded travellers to have a few beers with while I'm out there.


2. Posted by bethdassoulas (Budding Member 54 posts) 3y

Hi Maisie

I should hopefully be settled in Aus by then, I'm heading out in November. Have you got much planned that you definitely want to see?

Always looking for people to have a drink with! x

3. Posted by MaisieJohnson (Budding Member 20 posts) 3y

Hi Beth,

That's brill, how long are you staying in Oz for?

Some of the places that I'm planning to go are Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Surfers paradise, Whitsunday, Townsville and Magnetic Island. Are you wanting to see any of these places?

Yes same!! My Facebook page is on my profile if you want to add me and have a chat on there. Are you travelling on your own too?

4. Posted by bethdassoulas (Budding Member 54 posts) 3y

Hopefully a year, I don't think I can plan too much though, I might hate it and be home after 2 weeks!

All of those places are on my list! One of my friends is on his way to Whitsunday right now - I couldn't be more jealous.

I'm extremely weird and I don't have facebook; I do have twitter and whatsapp if you have either drop me a message!

Technically I'm not going on my own as I'm going through BUNAC but i don't know anyone doing it or going or even living out there when I get there! x

5. Posted by MaisieJohnson (Budding Member 20 posts) 3y

Wow I'm so jealous, I wish I could go for a year! But I'm travelling through Europe after, so will need to save some money for it.

So are you planning to work for the whole year or do you have some time to travel around too?

I'm so excited, but nervous to go on my own. It's good to know that lots of people are in the same boat though! x

6. Posted by Gads2409 (Budding Member 12 posts) 2y

Hi maisie,

My plans are similar. I fly into sydney late November but will head to Melbourne before coming back to Sydney for 20th Dec (have a hostel booked until 3rd jan) then il travel to cairns on oz experience stopping at where you have mentioned on the way. I have to be in cairns for 1st Feb to fly to Singapore so around 4 weeks on the coast. Let me know if you think we may cross paths.


7. Posted by MaisieJohnson (Budding Member 20 posts) 2y

Hi James,

Your plans sound very similar! I'm booked into Wake Up hostel in Sydney until 2nd Jan, then will head up the east coast from 2nd until 22nd Jan. Where are you staying over NYE?

My Facebook link is on my profile if you want to chat more about oz plans :)


8. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y

Hey Maisie (& others),

I'm staying in Sydney until the 2nd of January, and looking to head up the coast. Thinking of heading up to Brisbane, maybe as far as Cairns, and then trek over to Perth as my last place to see by then. Be cool to do some of the travelling with others, and since in Syndey over the same period, could look to meet up for a drink at some stage! Don't want to arrive and spend New Years on my own either :P

Sure let us know,

All the best,


9. Posted by mollieb (Full Member 108 posts) 2y

Hey Dean,

I'm also leaving Sydney on 2nd Jan, where are you staying over Xmas and NYE?

I'm heading up the East Coast too.

Add me on Facebook if you like, the links on my profile, it's easier to talk on there!


10. Posted by Deanxc220 (Full Member 59 posts) 2y

Hey Mollie,

I'm looking to stay in Nomad's. Can't wait to see what it like to be there for New Year's (better be worth it lol). Great to hear someone else be around. Will be on my own so be good to meet up with others over the period, and sure if travel plans coincide, could do a bit of that together as well sure! I'll take a look and try to add ya on facebook so :)