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Looking for travel mate 2014 South America! going 1 year!

Travel Forums Travel Companions Looking for travel mate 2014 South America! going 1 year!

1. Posted by rhiannon_aussie (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y


My name is Rhiannon, Im a 22 year old aussie. I have decided to defer from uni and go travelling to South America around Dec/Jan. I have a family to stay with in Bogota when I arrive but am trying to find someone to travel with around South America for however long. I am planning on going for around a year. I dont have a set amount of time that I will be staying in each place or a detailed description of everything I will be doing..... I am more relaxed about my travel and would rather go with the flow. I will prob want to cycle along my travels, who knows lol. But I do plan on going to Carnaval!!! If your gonna be in South America and would like to travel together or meet up let me know :) Cheers!

P.s You can add me on facebook : Rhiannon Hetherington there is a picture of me and a friend.

2. Posted by Huskyninja (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hey my names Brandon. I'm 24, from America, and was actually thinking about backpacking Europe around that time, but honestly this doesn't sound like a bad idea either! Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to drop down until June, but if you don't find someone for the whole of the adventure I could at least join you for part! If that sounds decent to you just let me know.

3. Posted by rhiannon_aussie (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y

Hey, yeah it sounds amazing Im so excited lol Its all I can think about! Yeah June would be cool, Im trying to go to every country while I am there, so I made up a list of which way I think Im gonna go, probably wont end up being anything like it but so I have an idea in my head. I plan on doing a heap of cool stuff like hiking, get my scuba licence, skydiving?, cycling etc.

Im flying into Columbia and then going clockwise round South America, (going to Carnaval on the way), then head to Central America and finish my South America trip in Mexico.

Jan - Columbia
Feb - Columbia, Brazil (1 wk for Carnaval)
Mar - Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana,
Apr-Suriname, French Guiana
May- Brazil
Jun- Paraguay, enter Argentina then into Uruguay
Jul- Argentina
Aug- Chile ( )
Sep- Bolivia, Peru
Oct- Peru, Ecuador, Panama
Nov- Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hinduras
Dec- El Salvador
Jan- Belize
Feb- Dominic Republic and other Islands?