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2 month trip in South America

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean 2 month trip in South America

1. Posted by JohnnyR1988 (Budding Member, 17 posts) 16 Aug '13 18:30


I am at the early stages of a planned trip to south america ( Venezuala, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru ).

I am thinking about doing the tourist stuff eg ( Angel Falls, sports activities in Merida , Galapagus Islands, Nazca Lines and Machu Pichu ).

What i would like to know from people thats been to these places is recommendations of things to do and places to see that are a bit off the beaten track and where people had interesting experiences.

I am also thinking about spending a bit longer in columbia to learn spanish so if anyone knows a good and reasonably priced school or volunteer exchange program could you let me know.

Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks


2. Posted by karam_jeet (Inactive, 14 posts) 16 Aug '13 23:00

Spend your day in La Ciudad Perdida also called The Lost City..I am sure it would be an experience for you of a lifetime.. Colombia , is one of the best city ti learn Spanish in South America, I suggest you to Bogota, Cali, or Medellin for Spanish courses in Colombia...

3. Posted by JohnnyR1988 (Budding Member, 17 posts) 18 Aug '13 02:08

Hello Karam

Thanks for the reply just googled the destination and it definetly appeals to me its what i was looking for. I haven't really done any research on columbia as my girlfriend has relatives there.

I fyou know of any other gems in the other countries them let me know....

Thanks again


4. Posted by ayahuasca (Budding Member, 4 posts) 23 Aug '13 15:01

if you really look for off th beaten tracks tours, you can check this agency (wiracocha tours peru) which is the specialist of these kind of tours in Peru
I ve made several of their tours in june and I recommend it, really worth it

have a nice trip