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Planning RTW with my teens

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1. Posted by 4Dee (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y


My 17 yr old son and 15 yr old daughter and I are planning a year long trip around the world.

I was wondering if there are any others in the postings who have done likewise and how they have managed schooling during the year. Do you have any suggestions for trips that you think would be of particular interest for their age.

Also looking for tips for places to stay. Looking for safe neighbourhoods, reasonable prices - like everyone else.

Currently we are thinking of the following but still in the early planning stages and open to other thoughts:
Scotland (with relatives), France, Italy, Greece, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines, and Hawaii.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.


2. Posted by ChIqUiTtA (Respected Member 278 posts) 11y

Hey Dee!!
I'm a 16 year old Canadian student, and i am completely envious of your kids!!
I am thinking about taking a year off school as well, in another 2 years when I am in grade 12. My mother is a teacher, and we have started to look into arrangements for my schooling.
Depending on what province you live in, there are correspondance courses that your kids may be able to take.
However, you may need a permanent address in this case.
Another option would be for you to homeschool your kids, or even apply for them to take courses online.
If I hear of any other options, I will definately let you know!
Please let me know if you find anything other way to make sure your kids get their education while traveling. I am still looking for options for myself, and it would be great to have someone else's opinion or advice!
I hope you have a wonderful year, and please let me know how everything goes!!

3. Posted by 4Dee (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y

Thanks chiquita for your answer.

You sound like you would be a great travel companion for my kids. If you have a chance maybe you can share what you found the most intriguiing, fun, dumb on your trips.


4. Posted by ChIqUiTtA (Respected Member 278 posts) 11y

hey again dee!!
in response to YOUR response, the things i most intriguing about my trips was probably the youth hostels...!! other than being in a new country, the youth hostels were the most interesting because you could meet TONS of people from all four corners of the earth, and i love to meet people... Also, im a bit of a language freak, so whenever i'd meet someone from a country with a different language, i would ask them to help me learn a few words or numbers from that language... i kept a journal with all the languages and i learned bits of: German, Spanish, Gaelic, Italian, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Swissgerman, Turkish, Arabic, and others!!
The things i found most fun on my trips were probably the unexpected spontaneous adventures that we would have... like wandering around Paris, getting hopelessly lost, then trying to navigate our way back to our hostel without a map!! or dancing with danish men in gypsy pubs in the Czech Republic... everything that you ever encounter is pretty exciting!
The things i found most dumb was taking the trains... they were so frustrating, only because we had our bikes with us and we were unable to board some trains because of it... also having to leave certain countries and new friends was sad, so those parts weren't as fun...
all in all, the trips that ive had were amazing to me, but each person has their own individual experience when they travel... i think the hardest part was probably coming back to "reality", and to all of my friends because i wanted to tell them all about the things i had done and places i had gone, but it was so difficult because they weren't really interested in it because they hadn't been to those places.
have your kids ever traveled before? if so, they'll know what i mean... i think its easier to talk to adults about traveling, because chances are, they've traveled too!

5. Posted by MattXIII (Full Member 272 posts) 11y


6. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 11y

Pick me pick me!!

Actaully, when I was in grade 12 I worked it out so that I had 6 months worth of "spares" or in other words, I had 110 credits that I needed to graduate so I didn't enroll for the final six months!

So I left the country! Maybe yours don't have that same option... they could jsut continue when they get back, a trip around the world is a LOT more rewarding than Grade eight... or nine for that matter, or ten.. you get the idea

7. Posted by alaskangrl (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y

I am currently in Thailand on a university sponsered study abroad, and I think that Thailand it is a good addition to your itinerary.

Moreover if you plan your trip right so that you are really doing educational things like meeting the local people, hiking through a jungle and identifying the animals, reading the local english newspapers, etc. they will be learning much more, and becoming much more mature then if they were to stay in their respective grades. You should make them learn about the political systems, culture, geography, environment, history, social problems etc. of the places that you are planning to visit, so that when they see things they can be like "oooooooooohhhhh yea, I know about that!!!" It will be much more fufilling, and a lifechanging experience that way! They can learn to budget the money, or try to lead you through a city! They will learn soooooooo much about life, and the world, then most people of their age!

What a great experience!! Your kids are so lucky!!


8. Posted by -kel- (Full Member 38 posts) 11y

Hey ChIqUiTtA

i think the hardest part was probably coming back to "reality", and to all of my friends because i wanted to tell them all about the things i had done and places i had gone, but it was so difficult because they weren't really interested in it because they hadn't been to those places.

WOW i can relate to that one!!! I went to Italy for a study trip and when i came home to 'reality', it was so hard because I couldn't relive the experiences I had. I know they tried to be interested but somethings you just have to be there to understand...but hey, just because none of my friends are interested in travelling that isn't going to stop me from travelling, in fact i'm going back in 8 months time...i have to finish school first...not long now