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11. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

Thats what i thought too.. will prob. go with the public transport in Oahu but rent a car in Big Island...

one more thing, is there any other way to get to the big island other than flying? ferry? hate jetting around....


12. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 11y

I know they were talking about the idea of a ferry, but not quite sure if they actually done it.


13. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

Yupz... should be driving in the big island... mmm have not booked the flight from Oahu to Hilo. you think I ought to book first or should i look for cheap deal when i get there?


14. Posted by Cupcake (Travel Guru 8468 posts) 11y

Personally I would try to book before you get seems they take advantage of last minute shoppers. Good luck! :)

15. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y


i am trying to book the air tickets from Oahu to Big Island but the web sites i've been to only accepts credit cards from US/Canada/Australia...

mine is issued in Singapore.. any web site to recommend?


16. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 11y

It doesn't really matter when you book inter island flights. They are like buses, the fly every 20-30 minutes. The big carriers are hawaiian air and Aloha. Your card should work. If not, trying calling them directly. Or go down to a local travel agent, and they can do it for you!
Any reason why you are flying into Hilo? You know there isn't much to- do on that side.


17. Posted by abcdf (Full Member 557 posts) 11y


i went to oahu in january. it was lovely. but i dont know if this was mentioned but, you can by a book of flights 4-6 flights for cheap. and it can be used anytime... i believe. i read it on the lonely planet guide to hawaii. they have some good tips. the flea market on wakkiki is huge and there are so many great places to eat. yum...i missed the koeran food there. so good.

18. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

mmm, thought that Hilo is the only airport in the Big island... you mean there are other airports in big island?

will prob. be spending most of my time on the south western coast so will want to avoid Hilo if possible...


19. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 11y

Nah. Like Maui, the Big Island has 2 airports. Kona and Hilo. Kona is the more developed side. That is where The four seasons and the big hotels are located.

Don't avoid the Hilo side. Hilo has that rustic hawaiian feel to it. Like I mentioned, the volcanos are that side. As well as waterfalls, the coffee plantation, and cool little shops. Stay a day.

20. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

i see....

got another question, read that there is this trail of road on the big island whereby you can track the larva flow into the sea.. was thinking of going at night.. but is the road lit? from the photos, it seems tat the roads a bit winding on high ground... wonder if it is dangerous to go at night... dont wanna drive to my death down a ravine or something...