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41. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 11y

Yep. Americans really have to earn their time off. I envy the european!


42. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

haha... perhaps it is a case of the grass is always greener over the other side...

generally, i think 1 month is never enough for a proper travel plan... seems to be cutting things here and there whenever i plan for a 1 week - 4 weeks holiday. Like this time.. really hate to miss Maui but figured i dont have the time (and i was right!!)...

while you always want to go back to nice places but sometimes, u may not get the chance... new destinations always seems to keep popping up. It was like 4 yrs ago that I said that i wanna return to Prague and yet... i never went back... wonder if i ever will go back to hawaii... :(

i once list down all the places i wanna visit and realised that if i go on holiday for about 1 month per year, i figured i will take at least 30 yrs to finish up my list!! my gosh...


43. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 11y

On the brighter side, Hawaii will always be there. Pending, if a huge wave wipes it out! I am sure if you really want to make a return appearance, you will do so. Me on the otherhand, hawaii is a 5hr flight from home. I can go there for a short weekend!


44. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 11y

and i had to fly about 14 hrs just to get there!!!!