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90 day roadie across the US of A

Travel Forums Travel Companions 90 day roadie across the US of A

1. Posted by amandah2013 (Budding Member 23 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hey All,

I want to do a roadie across the states next year.
I will be in Hawaii early or late August (family vacation 5 days) then from there I will be flying to Las Vegas and starting and ending the roadie there.

I am looking at hiring a car for 90 days (extremely difficult to buy a car without an address, plus having to sell it before leaving too much stress, too much work and too pricey!!) Will be doing everything on a strict budget (food,accom etc) I figured 90 days is enough to try and get as far as I can and pretty much do everything and anything that I can possibly afford to do.

I have done my research regarding group tours, they seem amazing and a little pricey, but I would prefer to organise and plan my own trip across the states.
Flights, insurance:$4,000 or less
Accommodation: have to organise some of the hotel stays, as it is mostly camping
Food: $10 per day (only if eating on site)-28 days
Tips: unknown
Shopping, Attractions: 7-9,000
This seemed a little too expensive, plus they were going places I didn't want to go and I am so not interested in cleaning up after people!!

As for accommodation I would like to Camp, stay in hostels, most likely sleep in the car (if it is safe to do so). I am not interested in staying in hotels etc, would rather spend money on other things
Food- Whatever is cheap- This is not a trip for driving around sampling food.
All expenses will be 50/50 - Car Rental, gas and insurance- This is the only expense that will be expected to be shared.

Budget- $100-$150USD a day so for 90 days I am looking at roughly $13,500USD although I am hoping to save a little more for extras. (Just in case)
Car Rental- I have budgeted a fair amount for this which includes all insurance, gas etc $4,000 USD
I know this looks like a huge amount of money, but it probably will work out cheaper! With proper planning but this is the max budget.

A bit about me:

I will be 24 next year, I am a female looking to explore and discover new adventures while over there.
I am looking for a travel companion male21+ or female 21+, hopefully if all goes well someone that can share the entire journey with me.
Someone to share expenses and experiences with :)

I am not looking to travel half way around the world for a relationship, just an unforgettable, incredible and exciting adventure!
I am very outgoing, afraid of everything but will try anything! lol (within reason)
I would love to do this trip as cheaply as possible but also safe! I am not judgemental, easy going, not easily offended, I am pretty chill, love a good laugh, keen to party.
I am NZ born but live in Melbourne.

If you are genuinely keen to share this experience with me contact me, lets make this happen!!! (if u don't live in Melbourne we can Skype, facebook etc so we get the feel of eachother!) if you live in Melbourne we can meet for coffee or something......Nothing worse than being trapped in a car with someone you can't stand.

2. Posted by geraldphoto (Budding Member 10 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hello Amanda,
I traveled from Vegas to San Francisco a few times over a period of 2-3 weeks. I did not spend that much!. I suggest you look into Couch surfing, B&B, camping when possible & cheap hotels. If you take one sleeping bag you can even stayed int he car ....
Driving from Vegas is very easy.
Good luck and safe travel...