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Where to bring parents to visit in bangkok?

Travel Forums Asia Where to bring parents to visit in bangkok?

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1. Posted by elohvielove (Budding Member 35 posts) 3y

So I have been to Bangkok a couple of times personally but it was filled with fun, booze, sports and more booze. Now that I will be bringing my parents along (50 odd so no booze), it gotta be a little tamer. Any ideas? I figure the usual temples and theatre shows will be the to-go but anything else? Dh

2. Posted by vaibhavm23 (Budding Member 93 posts) 3y

What about the other places in and around Bkk...

Go for travel to Phuket and stay at Nai Harn, its secluded and won't be like a Walking Street of Pattaya...Phuket's other attraction would be more over beach and local temples.. I don't recall much of visiting temples at Phuket... Other thn relaxing...

Pattaya has some attractions, Temples, Museums, Water World...and beaches...(Snorkeling and Scuba diving)

Bkk there are n number of temples.... Apart from that you can plan to go to Cambodia, Bali etc...

3. Posted by parisharma (Inactive 12 posts) 3y

Bangkok has many lovely places to visit with your parents. You can take them to Wat Pho public university, Wat Phra Kaew temple and The Golden Mount with you. They will surely love these historical and religious places.

4. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 3y

"bringing my parents along (50 odd so no booze),"

I wish I were 50 again! It's really quite young now! You see foreign retirees all over Bangkok, even on Sukhumvit Nana area late at night. Even in beer bars too! Unless they have physical difficulties you will be surprised what 50 year olds are capable of!

But if you think your parents are too delicate or maybe for religious reasons you feel you must protect them from being active there is always shopping too! The Pratunam area is usually popular with tourists from Singapore. There are hotels close to the Ratchathewi Skytrain route . (Near Asia Hotel.) And hotels close to the Ratchaprorop Rail Link station. (Indra Square area.)

In Bangkok you can visit a travel agency and choose a tour from a list they have. The tour company will pick you up at the hotel and return you back there at the end of the day. Any Google check will give you links for things to see and do in Bangkok. If your time is short you may have to just stay around the Bangkok area.

Have you asked your parents what they want to do?

5. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 3y

With so many others, I can assure you that life does not end at 55. Many consider themselves 10-15 years younger than they are.

Some things to do:

Make sure you take them to the Silom night market and if they want to pop into one of the clubs in Pat Pong, so they can tell the people back home, take them in. I've seen family people chatting with the Thai girls. They are just ordinary women, and some have babies, with mum looking after them while they are at work.

6. Posted by elohvielove (Budding Member 35 posts) 3y

vaibhavm23 , thanks for the suggestion but as they have not been to thailand since like ever, they will want to look around the city more, rather than city-hopping. but those are great ideas that i may explore on my own in the future! :)

parisharma , great ideas! thanks!

karazyal , now i gotta say that 50 odd Asian parents are pretty traditional, read: no booze, no parties, no smokes, no anything. so haha! the thing about tours is that, they bring you to places with ridiculously jacked prices and you end up not really seeing the "real" city, but just the facade made for tourists. not that i don think there is no good in them, but i personally dont fancy them :) but yeah, the shopping areas shall be my best bets. i did asked them, but they said "whatever you plan for us" and that usually meant " read my mind or else". :S but thanks for the advice anyhow!

Cyberia, saw the link too! got some good ideas from the site as well. finger crossed everything goes well! :)

7. Posted by clovish (Budding Member 22 posts) 3y


There are a lot of things to see in Bangkok.. the temples of course, the markets, night markets, nice restaurants, streetfood restaurants, chatuchak market, Asiatique night market, flower market, Lumphini Park, dinner cruise on the river.. I personally love to take a ride by boat on Chao Praya river and just leave the boat whenever i feel like it.. You can also do a day out on the Klongs by boat which takes you in other places in Bangkok that you wouldnt get the chance to see by foot.
Otherwise a few hours away from BKK, I recommend Kanchanaburi and the river Kwai.. A lot of nice secluded resorts by the river, it's amazing and full of history.
I know some tours, excursions and shows which take you to really nice places and are not expensive.

So yeah, you have a lot of things to do and see around.
Hope that helps

8. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1734 posts) 3y

"the thing about tours is that, they bring you to places with ridiculously jacked prices...."

Well I have been on a lot of tours over the past 14 years and can't ever remember buying anything more than water or a bag of chips, usually at a normal price. Just because something is for sale doesn't mean you must buy it!

I have booked tours for friends and sometimes go along with them. I think they do okay for the amount of money you spend! They hit the important things. If you read up ahead of time you know what to look for.

There are more expensive, custom tours you can book too. They go where you want. You pay for that service more than shared van tours. Tong and Rat are two of these private tour companies.

"now i gotta say that 50 odd Asian parents are pretty traditional, read: no booze, no parties, no smokes, no anything."

Maybe the 50 year old people you know back home give up on life but that is not the same for all Asians. When I am in Hat Yai there are many Malaysians visiting all the time, many of them are male, over 50 and out visiting bars and massage parlors too! Same for Bangkok, lots of "over age 50 tourists" from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines wandering around Bangkok late at night, even in Pat Pong and the Nana area of Sukhumvit Road. Even couples visiting go-go shows too!

Wait until you are 50!

Have fun.

9. Posted by lonederanger (Budding Member 50 posts) 3y

You could take them to a nice rooftop bar for a drink or meal.
(Hangover 2 filming location)

10. Posted by flyaustralia (Inactive 1 posts) 3y

Well Bangkok is too good for shopping and fun, you can go to sun-lam, there is lots of fun and Indian market also there. Thailand has really Amazing place , beaches, night life, resort, coral island also there, you also can visit to Buddha Temple at Jomtien Beach. You can book cheap flights for domestic areas in Thailand.

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