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1. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 3y

I need to know about the stinger season,
Where can I swim and where cant I swim.
I'm travelling down from Cairns in mid December
to Sydney and don't know enough about the stingers.
Cheers Garry M

2. Posted by KellieBarnes (Travel Guru 813 posts) 3y

Hi Garry,
There's some general information on the tourism websites (Queensland, Whitsundays, etc) but I have also found the Surf Life Saving Australia's Beachsafe app has good warnings and information regarding potential hazards and beach conditions.
Definitely recommend having a look.

3. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 3y

Thanks Kellie, ill check that out, thing that threw me was.
When in Cairns last about 6 years ago we went out on the barrier reef from Port Douglas and to be honest I never thought about them at all and was not told about them neither.
Maybe the reef is safe to swim ?? thanks anyway.

4. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 875 posts) 3y

It's not in the best interest of the reef company's to scare people by telling them they may get stung and die. They use to say you wont see jellyfish out at the reef, but the last couple of years there have been cases of people getting servilely stung and I think now the reef company's do give warnings that people can be stung and offer stinger suits.

There is also links between climate and environmental change and the amount of jellyfish. They reckon that because so many fish have been caught, that the eco system has become out of balance and there are less fish to eat plankton so more for the jellyfish which have multiplied.

5. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 3y

Thanks for that mate, we plan on taking our 11 year old granddaughter out with us and there is now way would I compromise her safety,
We plan to go down the east coast to Sydney and I have read that its OK to swim below Agnes water is this the case or should we just keep out of the water unless we have stinger suits on ??
Regards Garry