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Need a help of Norwegians and Swedes

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1. Posted by lususvita (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

Hello everyone!
My group from Russia is going to make an expedition from Copenhagen to Trondheim by bicycles in August-September of 2014. Now we're in the stage of preparaton to expedition. We need help Of Norwegians and Swedes, or maybe people, who were in these countries. Could someone help me and tell about different sights on this rout? Also I need help with rules and laws and etc. Please, write me a message if someone want to help. I'll be very grateful!
Thanks in advance,

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 3y

People are not always that knowledgeable about the countries they live in. Pick up Lonely Planet guides to those countries and they will tell you all you need to know and all there is to see, as well as where to stay, what to avoid, etc.

3. Posted by lususvita (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

I read it, but there is not enough helpful information for me. I need another kind of information)

4. Posted by staaleand (Full Member 30 posts) 3y

I am Norwegian. Perhaps I can give you some useful information, but I would like to know a little more about the trip first.
Have you decided which route you are going to take?
Wil you stick to the main roads, or are alternative roads an option?
What type of sights will be of particular interest to you?

Best regards!

5. Posted by lususvita (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

Thank you for your replie.
According to the map of Norway we'll go along the main roads through Oslo and Lillehammer, but we want to climb Galdhøpiggen, so we could yaw. We interested in all that connected with nature and culture of Norway. It may be some fests If they take place in August-September. It may be some places which specialize on something interesting(e.g. crafts).
Is it allowed to go on this way by bycicle? Also some of members will run, is it allowed to run on the roads? Which rules we should follow to avoid troubles with the law?

6. Posted by staaleand (Full Member 30 posts) 3y

On some of the main roads marked MOTORVEI, Bicycles are not allowed. On most roads it is OK. To get to Galdhøpiggen is a rather long detour if you og the main road from Oslo to Trondheim (app 100 km one way by road, plus of course the approach walk on foot.) Perhaps a slightly different route is better?

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8. Posted by lususvita (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

staaleand, how can we move through the roads which marked MOTORVEI? Are there any different ways for detour? And what about pitching our tents? Where it is not allowed?
If to speak about different route which variants do we have? The group leader really wants to get to Galdhøpiggen and he said we can make a detour in this direction.

9. Posted by staaleand (Full Member 30 posts) 3y

There are different roads you can take, as this only applies to some stretches of the main roads. The detour to Galdhøpiggen is 81 km (one way, and there is no shortcut when you go back), checked it on the map. In addition getting from the road and to the top of Galdhøpiggen, and back, is a long day's walk for fit People. Remember proper Equipment, weather can be freezing, With snowstorms at the top of Galdhøpiggen even in summer. Weather there is unpredictable, so you have to be prepared for the worst kind.
Tenting is legal in Norway, you have to be out of sight of lived-in houses. Rule of thumb is 150 m away, as long as the land is not cultivated. I can tell about the finer details later.
I do not have time to Write more now, but can come back With more information later.

10. Posted by tatianaabreu (Budding Member 86 posts) 3y


Since those Denmark and Norway are two very bike-friendly countries in Europe, there are specific websites that have lots of information and advice about cycling in those countries.


Wish you nice rides