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LAOS 27.11. onwards, north to south. infos and Travelbuddy?

Travel Forums Asia LAOS 27.11. onwards, north to south. infos and Travelbuddy?

1. Posted by brouillard (Budding Member 30 posts) 3y

Hey travelers,

I will go to Laos the 27. that's wednesday in a week. will leave from Chiang Khong (Thailand) to Luang Namtha.

Does anyone has any suggestions, what to see/do in 15 days in Laos. Is there some must-do's?

I was checking wikitravel and some other websites for accommodation in Luang Namtha. It seems like there are no dormitories at all?! I just found normal rooms. I would like to stay in dormitories, since there you meet other solo travelers.

I like to hitchhike, because in that way one gets more in contact with the locals and one gets a bigger cultural experience. Did anyone tried this in Laos, can you recommend it? (Thailand and Malaysia worked super good!)
I read somewhere that it's forbidden to sleep/camp outside. One would get a big fine… Have you heard about that? Because when I would decide to try hitchhiking, I might end up somewhere without accommodation…
Are busses in general safe? Or is it like Thailand that bus drivers try to rob the foreigners? I met many ppl which had bad experiences with busses in Thailand :(

I think I travel down Laos, go to visit Cambodia and then either back to Thailand, or further to Vietnam. Anyone fancy to join me for a few days? :)

Thanks for replies :D

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 3y

In most of South East Asia it will be just rooms, not dorms, but you will meet other travellers in the communal areas and in cafes etc.

I'd definitely recommend spending a few days in Luang Prabang as it's a great city. I assume you are doing the slow boat if you are leaving Thailand from Chiang Khong? Vang Vieng is worth a stop for the tubing along the river, and the limestone scenery is very pretty.

In Laos I didn't have any issues on the buses. From Luang Prabang I got a mini-bus and the scenery was absolutely stunning. The bus from LP to Vientiane was bigger and very over-crowded (people sitting in plastic seats in the aisles) but was ok.

3. Posted by brouillard (Budding Member 30 posts) 3y

Ah thanks :)
well thailand and malaysia has dorms, so I thought Laos would have too...

what about bargaining, is it common, you should do it or is it not at all done?